AC Charging Stations AC7LC AC Charging Station

AC7LC AC Charging Station

Noodoe EV AC7LC

AC Charging station


Noodoe EV AC level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are perfect for use at hotels, commercial plazas, and residential building parking lots. Clients choose them for build quality and reliability, ease of use by drivers, and most importantly easy management via Noodoe EV OS. These chargers are ideal for locations where drivers want to park for a few hours or more.




Key Benefits

Hands-off management with autonomous station operation via Noodoe EV OS. 
  • Slim and compact form factor for unobstructed installation
  • Watertight construction for indoor/outdoor use 
  • Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity for extended deployment flexibility
  • Noodoe EV OS web portal for changing settings such as pricing and for reviewing operational reports
  • Smart energy management for cost-effective deployment at locations with limited power
  • Flexible deployment options:
    • Wall installation
    • Pedestal installation
    • Dual pedestal installation

Technical specification

Cloud Service: Noodoe EV OS
Max. Output Power: 7 kW
Input Power: 1-phase, 3-wire, 208~240 Vac, 32 A maximum
Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 4G
Vehicle Connection: SAE J1772
Dimension: 7.6 (W) x 11.1 (H) x 3.1 (D) in / 192 (W) x 283 (H) x 79 (D) mm
Certification: UL, Energy Star

Noodoe EV OS is our cloud-based operating system that provides the most advanced solutions for managing EV charging networks.

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