Activation and Subscription

Now that the charger is installed, all that’s left is to activate it and subscribe to Noodoe EV OS (required for operation) using the Charging Station Owner’s credentials. 

Contact The Charging Station Owner

Before starting, make sure you have the following tools and information available. You cannot complete the project without them.

  • Site Details
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Charging Station Owner’s Credentials
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number

NOTE: The Charging Station Owner is responsible for setting prices, collecting revenue, and ensuring that the subscription service to Noodoe EV OS is paid for. 

Activation Video Walkthrough

Scroll down to read through the activation process or let this video walk you through it step by step.


Once your charger is powered up, a QR code will be visible on the charger. Scan that code to begin the activation process either in the management app or through our web portal. Noodoe EV’s activation process is as smooth and easy as can be. Follow the instructions on your screen. They will walk you through activation.

Create a Site

If you have a project code, you may use that to begin the process. Without one, touch Create an Installation Site to begin the activation procedure.

Site & Owner's Information

To finalize site creation, you will need a few pieces of information. Make sure you have all of this information before starting. 

  • Site name
  • Site address
  • Site phone number
  • Charging Station Owner’s name
  • Charging Station Owner’s email address
  • Charging Station Owner’s phone number
  • Installer information

This site information will be used on a charger location map, so it must be accurate. Additionally, the site Charging Station Owner will be responsible for managing the chargers, receiving payments made through them, and paying the subscription fees for Noodoe EV OS.

Add Charging Stations to The Site

Charging stations can be added either by QR code or by station ID. Make sure the stations are powered up and the site has been created in the setup program. Then, you can add each station one-by-one.

Add Photos

To help drivers find the charging stations, take photos of each one. These photos will be used on both Google Maps and in the Noodoe EV App. 

Photos ought to include both close-ups of each charger (with the QR code visible) and from a distance. This will help drivers see the parking environment for these chargers. 

Make sure to include parking instructions where necessary or useful.

Take Pictures

Activation Complete

Site setup and activation are now complete. A Noodoe EV OS subscription email will be sent to the Charging Station Owner. This email will help them complete their subscription for Noodoe EV OS, making the chargers fully operational and ready to use!

Subscription Information

Let's Talk

Need help? If you’re still experiencing issues or would like to ask any questions specific to your installation and activation, please fill out the form, and we will respond promptly.