Noodoe introduces cloud-based EV charging station technology

Noodoe introduces cloud-based EV charging station technology

Noodoe Inc., a provider of EV charging technology, has introduced its cloud-based EV charging technology that transforms construction, retail, hospitality and public parking lots into revenue-generating EV charging locations. The cloud-based Noodoe commercial EV charging stations are currently being installed at casinos, hotels and retail properties throughout the U.S.

“Noodoe’s cloud-based smart EV Charging Stations turn business parking lots into revenue streams and lovers of gas-powered vehicles into electric vehicle converts,” Noodoe CEO Jennifer Chang said in the press release. “Real estate development, electrical, green energy and equipment supply industries are well positioned to take advantage of this additional revenue stream.”

Management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, predicts 350 new EV models will debut by 2025, and as many as 120 million EVs could be on the road by 2030. These new vehicles will require a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations, the press release noted.

In late April, Noodoe debuted “Powered By Noodoe,” an EV technology partnership program for businesses.

“Many businesses want to enter the market and become a supplier, but face engineering/time to market challenges,” said Noodoe Chairman John Wang. “We did all the heavy-lifting by providing business partners with three key advanced technologies: EV charging stations, EV software, and now EV OS cloud technology. This program puts businesses on the fast track to expansion.”