Noodoe Teams up with Green Dot Group

Noodoe Teams up with Green Dot Group

Noodoe Teams up with Green Dot Group to Accelerate Electrification of Transportation in Canada

Noodoe and Green Dot Group announce a strategic partnership to help fulfill the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure throughout Canada. Pioneering Technology Partnership Empowers Green Dot Group with Everything Needed to Enter the Fast Growing EV Charging Market


Noodoe and Green Dot Group announce a strategic partnership to help fulfill the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure throughout Canada. In this collaborative partnership, Noodoe provides Green Dot Group with three key technology enablers: Noodoe EV charging stations, Noodoe EV software, and Noodoe EV OS cloud technology. As a result, Green Dot Group can instantly expand its business scope and become an advanced EV charging solution provider.

“At Noodoe, we are on a mission to make the world greener by accelerating the world’s transition to electric transportation,” said John Wang, Chairman of Noodoe. “We do this with well-designed EV charging infrastructure solutions that help organizations be part of the global zero-emission EV revolution.”

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company finds that the world’s major automakers are aggressively jumping into the lucrative EV market. The study predicts that 350 new EV models will debut by 2025, and as many as 120 million EVs could be on the road by 2030.

These new vehicles will require a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations. Green Dot Group and Noodoe have a unique chance to take advantage of this surge in demand by leveraging their complementary strengths and instantly offer advanced EV charging stations in the growing EV market in Canada.

Green Dot Group complements its broad expertise in engineering consulting and contracting with the ability to offer their customers top of the line EV charging solutions powered by Noodoe EV OS.

Noodoe EV OS gives the partnership a key advantage. It empowers Green Dot Group to offer their customers all the tools necessary to administer, monitor, and analyze the performance of their EV stations, as well as the software to ensure that the end customers can initiate charging and pay for their transactions using their preferred payment methods. The specific functions of Noodoe EV OS include EV Charging Service, Universal Payment Processing, Central Management, Service Personnel Access, Automated Diagnostics, and Operation Analytics.

“At Green Dot, our vision is to help create a sustainable future for Canadians by leveraging the very best innovations in energy design and engineering that puts people and our planet first.” said, Christopher Misch, President of Green Dot Group. “Teaming up with Noodoe gives us tremendous time-to-market advantage to offer state-of-the-art EV charging products and services in our fast growing market.”

“By providing everything needed, Noodoe empowers its partners to become players in the accelerating EV charging market,” said Jennifer Chang, CEO of Noodoe. “The advantage Noodoe brings to its partners is a faster, better, and more cost-effective path to expanding their businesses to become leading players in the zero-emission EV revolution.”

Noodoe and Green Dot Group are excited about the prospects of this partnership in helping accelerate the electrification of transportation in Canada.

Combining over 25 years of broad industry experience, Green Dot aims to turn the traditional way of doing business on its head – introducing a new way to look at provisioning energy solutions. Lean business model, modernized commercial designs, and the most innovative products and services are three key differentiators of how we do business. Green Dot Group offers the most comprehensive energy solutions for our customers – minimizing commercial downtime, conserving energy, protecting our planet, and creating a healthy economic impact for our partners.