Noodoe EV Hotel Highlight – Hotel Millennium Biltmore

Noodoe EV Hotel Highlight – Hotel Millennium Biltmore

Hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles


Noodoe – A global leader in electric vehicle charging technology – has installed 10 S1000 EV charging stations at the iconic Hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles.

The Hotel Millennium Biltmore continues to be at the forefront by providing additional amenities to its modern and tech-savvy guests. This is made clear by hotel officials providing these 10 Noodoe EV charging stations to guests. They will help them charge their EVs without hassle. Moreover, the hotel administration believes that offering EV charging will soon become a sought-after amenity.

About Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles, a hotel within the Millennium Hotels and Resorts brand, opened in 1923 and was designated a Historical Cultural Landmark by the City of Los Angeles in 1969. Its unique interior features frescos and murals, carved marble fountains and columns, crystal chandeliers, and embroidered tapestries. These elements fuse together to create an elegant, incomparable option for an overnight stay or event venue in Downtown Los Angeles. All 683 newly-refurbished guest rooms and suites are elegantly appointed, and facilities include a 24-hour fitness center, a Roman-style indoor pool, Gallery Bar, and Smeraldi’s Restaurant. With 70,000 square feet of flexible meeting and event space, we feature five iconic ballrooms including two notable venues in Oscar history: the Crystal Ballroom and Biltmore Bowl.

Hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

About Noodoe EV S1000 Charger

To accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles, Noodoe provides the mission-critical network operating system, Noodoe EV OS, that runs the EV charging networks for their operators.

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced cloud-based operating platforms today; it is a charging network’s “central brain” that runs all the charging stations across multiple locations and automates the entire operation of the EV charging network.

What makes Noodoe EV OS different is the core technology that empowers “extreme automation”, which enables the operators to achieve the lowest possible operating cost. Controlling and running all EV charging stations, Noodoe EV OS fully automates everything – 24/7 charging service delivery, automatic peak-hour price adjustment, automatic transaction billing, automatic payment processing, automatic bank transfer, automatic infrastructure diagnostics, and intelligent energy management. It’s so automated that the network operators practically can generate revenue automatically and continuously.

As per Chang, “Noodoe is the only commercial electronic vehicle charger that offers a complete cloud-based solution.”

Features of the Noodoe EV S1000 Charger

  • Universal Charging Service
  • Comprehensive Payment Processing
  • Central Management
  • Service Personnel Access
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Operational Analytics