Get EV News Easily

Get EV News Easily


The modern world is awash in information, and keeping up with it all can be a full-time job in itself. Now, try keeping up with something both fast-paced and constantly changing. The world of electric vehicles is just that. The EV world is on a 24-hour, worldwide news cycle as the industry races to keep ahead of both market demands and climate change. But that’s okay! We have an answer that will help you stay up to date while leaving plenty of time to get back to all the other things you need to be doing.

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EV Radar is a semi-weekly news roundup of all things EV. Interested in newly released vehicles? Want to know what new innovation is opening new market spaces? Or maybe you’re interested in which investments are driving EV adoption. EV Radar has you covered. We’ll even throw in a section on whatever we can dig up that’s particularly cool this week.

This isn’t the kind of newsletter meant to spam your inbox with ever more messages. It’s a carefully curated rundown of the news stories that stood out in the EV world over the past week. Each story is relevant and all are worth reading. Don’t have time to read them? We try to put the key pieces of information in the description so you know what’s useful for you and what isn’t.  

EV Radar in Your Inbox

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But EV Radar is only once per week. Maybe you need a little more news a little more often and want to stay on the cutting edge. Well, then take a look at EV Daily. It’s a Facebook group focused on anything and everything EV. The group is for EV enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with the latest EV news, discuss EV trends, and share sources of information about any other EV-related happenings. We keep it private to make sure the discussion stays on topic and relevant. Come be a part of the conversation, and see just how quickly the world is shifting!


No matter how you look at it, keeping current is not an easy task. Instead of trying to keep up with the barrage of news articles on your own, let us help. Choose whichever format suits you best. Only a few minutes to scan what really matters? Sign up for our weekly EV Radar email. Want to be part of a discussion with others about the ever-changing state of the electrified world? Join EV Daily and make your voice heard. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing a little more of you and to helping you stay current.