How to Monetize EV Chargers

How to Monetize EV Chargers

Early EV infrastructure relied on a large number of free or low-cost charging stations. They encouraged drivers to take the plunge and adopt electric vehicles. As time has shown, the electric revolution is well on its way. More and more vehicle manufacturers, states, and entire countries are announcing end dates to their use of internal combustion engines. But how can companies host EV chargers and monetize their investments?

Businesses Drive Sustainability

As society rethinks what it means to “top-up” at a filling station, a diverse group of businesses has led the charge to offer EV charging services. However, many others are worried about getting started because they aren’t sure how to monetize their EV chargers. It’s great to offer charging as a way to help save the environment and generate extra income on an ongoing basis. So, how does charging monetization work? Noodoe EV OS makes this straightforward and easy by creating a smart charging solution.

W1000 EV Charger in a Parking Lot

Smart Charging Solution Features

  • Charge by energy usage
  • Charge by time
  • Change charging price on a schedule
  • Remote control of stations
  • No app downloads needed
  • Automatic funds transfers

Monetizing Your EV Charger Investment

Set Your Terms

The Noodoe EV OS dashboard lets charging station owners easily decide how to monetize their equipment. Depending on how the utility charges for power use, some owners choose to charge by the kW/h rather than by the minute. If the local utility has hourly rate changes, owners can alter their pricing schemes to match a schedule. This is also useful if stations experience peak-hour demands. For example, charging from 5-8 PM might cost a premium because everyone’s looking for a charger after work. Finally, Noodoe EV OS can charge an occupancy rate so owners don’t need to worry about cars plugging in and blocking the charger when their vehicle becomes fully charged.

App or App-less Charging?

The modern smartphone is full of apps used once and then forgotten. Noodoe EV gives drivers the option of using either our installed app or our app-less platform. Charging is as easy as plug, scan, and charge. This setup creates as few barriers as possible between users and charging. However, users who wish to have an improved experience can use the official Noodoe EV app. It helps track usage, charging locations, and payment preferences.

Cell phone paying for EV charging with the Noodoe APP

Payment Options for EV Charging

Users have a variety of options for payments. They can pay with a credit card or a number of mobile payment platforms, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. This flexibility is appreciated by anyone with a payment preference.

Funds Transfer

But how does the charger owner get paid? Noodoe EV OS seamlessly transfers payments to their bank account. The system is designed to be as smooth, simple, and hands-off as possible. Charger owners never need to worry about how and when they’re going to receive their money. Noodoe EV OS’s extreme automation takes care of everything.


The Bottom Line

Monetizing EV charging isn’t as hard as it once was. Drivers expect to pay for charging, and Noodoe EV OS makes it easy for EV charger owners to set their chargers up to suit their unique needs. This means choosing payment options, direct funds transfers, and automated price changes all in one place.