What are the California EV Charger Rebate Programs?

What are the California EV Charger Rebate Programs?

California is one of the most EV-friendly states in the US. Consequently, it sets aside money each year to encourage local EV adoption. These EV charger rebate programs help cover the purchase (and sometimes installation) of public and private EV chargers. The state and Gov. Newsom are working to make every vehicle sold zero-emission by 2035.  


There are many reasons for installing EV chargers. For starters, the government wants to increase EV adoption to reduce emissions. So they’re offering these EV charger rebate programs. Business owners, however, have noticed the following additional benefits:
  • Increased property values
  • Improved “dwell time” – customers remain on site longer
  • Client, customers, and staff feel like VIPs
  • Clear, concrete green business goals
  • Findable on EV charging maps
  • Keeping up with or standing apart from the competition
  • Attracting and retaining EV-driving tenants or customers
  • Getting ahead of the electrification game
W1000 EV Charger

While EV charging might currently seem like a luxury, that won’t last long. The number of EVs on the road continues to grow. Those drivers are showing preferences for locations and homes that include EV charging. Although offering EV charging is seen as a perk, it will soon be a necessity. 10 years ago, access to the internet while traveling was considered a valuable amenity. Now, no hotel would think of not offering wi-fi. EV charging is about to be the same. And falling left behind is not an option.


Since each program is a little different, each one has a different amount of available funding. For example, here are two important ones coming up:


Covered Area: Butte, El Dorado, Imperial, Kings, Merced, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tulare, and Yolo counties.

High Points: Incentives focus on specific counties. So, you’re only competing with those in your local area. Depending on your county, this can be hugely beneficial. 

The Money: Incentives depend on the county. However, they go up to $7,500 per AC charger and $80,000 per DC fast charger.

Learn more about the CALeVIP EV Charger Rebates Program

CALeVIP Logo for Charger Rebate Program

Southern California Edison Charge Ready Rebates

Charge Ready falls under the CALeVIP rebates. 

Covered Area: SCE covers about 50,000 square miles throughout inland California. This includes the following counties: Fresno, Kern, Madera, Riverside, Tuolumne, Imperial, Kings, Mono, San Bernardino, Tulare, Inyo, Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

High Points: The program includes qualified Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations. It also covers all electric infrastructure costs related to the installation of new circuits. Finally, it includes rebates to offset costs for charging stations and their installation.

Southern California Edison (SCE) Rebate Program

Details: The program will officially open later this month, so final information for financial incentives isn’t available. However, Charge Ready 2 is funded with over $430 million, and SCE has offered rebates and upgrade assistance in the past. 

Learn more about the SCE EV Charger Rebates Program


Because these charger rebates programs have limited funding, money runs out quickly. Additionally, anyone looking to take advantage of one of these rebate programs needs to find a program-certified hardware or software provider. But Noodoe EV has that covered. Noodoe EV OS is certified software, and Noodoe EV sells matching hardware with EV OS ready to go. So, it’s easy to be up and running in no time with little-to-no out of pocket expense. 

Noodoe EV has years of experience working with these rebate programs. Thus, we know them inside and out. Do you want to….. install EV chargers? Have them run the very best operating system you can get? Work with a partner who already knows what they’re doing? Get help grabbing those rebates to minimize expenses? Talk to us! 


These EV charger rebate programs are worth their weight in cash. Your cash! So, there’s no time like the present. Get yourself ahead of the game and also the competition by installing EV chargers. Attract valuable customers and make money on your investment through smart monetization. Most importantly, do it all on California’s dime.

Everyone wants the push for electrification to succeed. And you’re a part of that! California and Noodoe EV can help you ride the wave of this change and stay competitive. 

If you’re ready, reach out and let us know. We’ll take it from there!