EV Radar: July 2021

EV Radar: July 2021

EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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Rivian R1T
A new round of fundraising for Rivian puts funds raised for the company (that has yet to produce a vehicle for active use) over $10 billion. That said, the big order of Amazon delivery vans and its relationship with Ford likely make these investors feel pretty secure.

In a move that will surprise few, Car and Driver has picked the Ford Mustang Mach-E as its EV of the Year. They tout it as just the right car to help convert people to EVs.

Best Cities for EVs

According to a study done by AutoInsuranceQuote.com, there are three major factors that make a city a great place to own an EV: cost of electricity, local incentives, and (of course) lots of charging stations! Top of the list? Salt Lake City!

EV Education

From electrified semis to last-mile delivery vans, logistics companies are betting on an EV future to improve efficiency and their bottom lines. Find out more about the options they have and which manufacturers companies are likely to win big.

Solid Education on Solid-State Batteries

National Geographic takes on the potential future of EV batteries, including a look at expected charging speeds. Take a look to learn a little bit about the emerging world of solid-state batteries for EVs.

New EV Announcements

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

It's a plug-in hybrid, but it's still a Jeep Grand Cherokee. This announcement was part of a big Stellantis EV day. Looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer for a true BEV, though.

Bentley's Flying Spur

The Flying Spur is also a plug-in hybrid, not a fully electric car. It's the company's second electrified vehicle and a beautiful, luxurious step toward its goal of eventually becoming end-to-end carbon neutral.

Aston Martin’s hybrid supercar, the Valhalla, is a beautiful sight to spend the morning coffee break looking at. Click through for pictures and specs.

Bye-Bye, Passat!

This section is usually about new cars, but here's one to say "Good-bye" to. The Passat has been a part of American driving for a long time now, but the ICE version is finally leaving next year. Just in time for the US VW plant to start producing the electric ID.4.

EV Investments and Innovation

Daikin is the largest AC manufacturer in the world (by sales), but it has no place in the EV market (until now?). They say their new refrigerant can extend EV range by up to 50%, a huge leap. After rigorous testing, it’s expected to be ready by 2025.

EVs Charging Ahead of Expectations

Looks like the big forecasters are changing their tunes as the tides turn more quickly than expected. Ernst & Young currently forecasts that gas-powered vehicles will represent less than 1% of global sales by 2045.

How to Electrify EV Adoption

Kent County in the UK has decided it knows how to get small businesses to go electric: Free Van Trials. Small businesses are essentially being invited to "borrow" one of 24 all-electric Renault vans to try them out for 2 months for free.

Stellantis' Plans and Investments

There's quite a lot here as Stellantis lays out its future EV plans: 30 billion Euros in investment for electrification. 5 new EV battery plants across the US and Europe. Expected battery price reduction by 40% (over 2020) by 2024. Targeted introduction of solid state batteries by 2026. 40% of sales (in the US) to be low-emission by 2030.

EV Coolness

The Need for (Electrified) Speed!

The fans in the back of this track car provide downforce and, apparently, sound like a jet engine (up to 120 decibels of sound). EVs may be quiet, but this one's sure ready to make some noise!

Alpha Motor & Heimplanet Make Camping Geodesic

Absolutely beautiful! What a way to camp. Also, I think we might be seeing a theme this summer. EV camping (or the potential for it) seems to be all the rage!

K-Pop. Dancing robots. EV-inspired lyrics. That’s a winning combo. At least, Hyundai, Boston Dynamics, and K-Pop band BTS think so. Here’s a breakdown of the whole thing (including industry thoughts) from CleanTechnica.

The Most Efficient EV Achieves....

6.54 miles/kWh. That's the new Guinness World Record for EV efficiency, and it belongs to the Mach-E. The car made an 840-mile trip in the UK with only two short charging stops (45 minutes in total). Not bad at all!

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