EV Radar: August 2021

EV Radar: August 2021

EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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President Biden has announced that he wants 50% of all US vehicle sales to be electrified by 2030. Yes, it’s a step in the right direction, but compared to other countries, it’s a slow one. This isn’t a mandate, it’s a non-binding goal. Not bad, but it could be so much better!

Bloomberg’s latest research suggests that we’ve already hit peak ICE. It might seem like a reach, but they back it up with some pretty decent research. Given the total cost of ownership and expanding infrastructure, it’s really not that surprising.

EV Education

Not all range issues need to be met with bigger batteries. Learn a bit about aerodynamic drag in cars and how it applies to improving range in larger EVs.

EV Battery Recycling

A quick read to learn more about battery recycling. Who's doing it? Almost everyone because those materials are expensive. How much does your battery lose year on year? Likely somewhere between 1-3%.

An Electric Africa: Mobile Lessons

Here's a fascinating look at what African adoption of EVs could look like. Take the smartphone playbook and replicate it for EVs. That is to say, the playbook that made Transsion the hottest smartphone provider in Africa.

Charging for Apartments: How does it work?

How do you charge your EV if you live in an apartment or condo? In the past, rental properties weren't equipped for EV charging, and many managers deemed it a luxury rather than a necessity. Laws like those in California are starting to require multi-family residences to make EV charging available to tenants. So, how does it really work?

New EV Announcements

Cybertruck Not Quite Ready

There's been a lot of chatter but nothing confirmed (until now). The Tesla Cybertruck is officially delayed until next year. That said, pre-orders continue to look strong, so many seem willing to wait.

DHL Takes Flight

Last year, electric orders of electric delivery vans were big news. And we have seen the huge boosts that have come to those delivery vehicles through investments by Amazon and FedEx. Now, DHL is looking at electric planes and will start testing a fleet of 12 planes this year!

Audi’s new concept car – Skysphere – attempts to marry a grand touring vehicle meant for a long, winding drive and a sporty roadster. It’s a beautiful car with some very thoughtful details that shift depending on the chosen driving mode.

Nissan Z Promises Classic Cool

Classic cars turned EV seem to be what's on the menu these days. Hard to hate it, though. That 2023 Nissan Z looks beautiful!

EV Investments and Innovation

Norway shows how quickly EV adoption happens when the government throws itself behind the transition. The Norwegian market is heavily subsidized (both through benefits for EVs and heavy taxes on ICE vehicles). That said, the rate of adoption is incredible to see!

How Near Is the End?

States, countries, and companies are all racing toward an electrified future, but it looks like they might be running different races. When should we really expect electrified transitions to happen and who's already set end-dates for gas-powered vehicles?

Foxconn Looks to Enter the EV Market

Only time will tell, but this could be big news. Foxconn is a big name in cell phone assembly and manufacturing. Now it looks like they're digging their heels into the EV game!

Electrifying NYC Ride-Hailing

A little while ago, Revel attempted to bring 50 Tesla Model Ys to New York City as a zero-emission, app-based ride-hailing business. It looked like the city was going to block their vehicles from taking advantage of a loophole in city laws that encouraged electric taxis. But, now it seems they're good to go!

EV Coolness

Electric Safaris are Quieter and Safer

Ever imagined what a safari in an EV looks like? It's quieter, creates less pollution, and is safer for wildlife. You won't scare the lions and elephants away, rather be able to look at them up close.

Buying Electric, For America!

Ford offers an homage to the vehicles of the last generation in an Olympics ad meant to show the EVs that came from them. It delivers classic Americana with an electric twist.

Colorado Teardrops out of Boulder, Colorado has created an EV-charging family camper. It connects to the EV via a DC fast charging connector to transfer power from the camper’s own battery to the car.

Honoring The Female Pilots of WW2

Looking for an EV that's both beautiful and heart-warming? Did you know that Ford donates a custom mustang every year to the Experimental Aircraft Association? Well, this year they're not. They're auctioning a gorgeous Mach-E designed to pay homage to the volunteer female pilots who served in WW2, and the proceeds will go to the EAA's programs that support opportunities for young women and underserved youths.

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