EV Radar: September 2021

EV Radar: September 2021

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EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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Once, electric vehicles were the purview only of those with more than a little income to spare. That’s not the case anymore. The more EVs we see, the lower the prices are getting.

New York State is going zero-emission for new vehicles by 2035. The Governor has officially signed. This development throws in their lot with the likes of California and potentially the entire EU

EV Education

In part due to internal restructuring, Workhorse has suddenly dropped its lawsuit against USPS. If you’ve missed this ongoing struggle (focused on who was awarded the electrification contract for the next generation of USPS vehicles), The Verge has an excellent run-through of it.

Have ICEs already peaked?

CleanTechnica, running from where Bloomberg's left off, knows the shift to electric is happening. What's surprising is that they're suggesting that peak ICE might've been in 2016.

Mazda: Why only 100 miles of range?

For those still scratching their heads over the Mazda MX-30, here's an interesting perspective. CleanTechnica dives into Mazda's history of making cleaner vehicles and an overall clean fleet and why a 100-mile EV might not be a misstep.

800v Architecture for EVs and Chargers

An increasing number of EV manufacturers have announced current or upcoming vehicles with 800v internals. This new architecture means lighter cars, longer range, and faster charging. Some chargers can meet it, but many can't. Why does it matter?

New EV Announcements

"A Private Jet for the Road"

The Sphere series of Audi concept vehicles is meant to show off innovations that will find their way into Audi's new line of electric vehicles. The GrandSphere is the second in the series to be shown off. Gorgeous!

A "Remarkable" Pickup Truck

Motortrend got a good look at the Rivian R1T. After a lot of driving, they put together a long, in-depth post (including a number of videos) about it that's well worth reading. In their estimation, this is going to set the standard for the coming field of electric trucks.

By actually managing to roll a consumer vehicle off the line, Rivian has officially become the first electric pickup manufacturer. The first R1T has officially been completed! Now for some deliveries.

$25-35,000 for an Xpeng EV

Xpeng continues to move forward, both in terms of technology and price. The Chinese EV maker has set its P5 up to rival the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. The real question will be whether it can do it!

EV Investments and Innovation

Looks like 800v architecture might be moving from just battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and into some hybrids. This really is where vehicles are heading, it seems. Other vehicles and chargers will have to race to keep up with the charging speed 800V will provide.


VW's MEB-Small Platform

The new MEB-Small EV platform will serve as the basis for a new line of VW electric vehicles. These are meant to focus on affordability and include a number of interesting features. We can expect vehicles to use it as early as 2025.

Lucid Air Dream - 520 Mile Range

The EPA states that it's the farthest range they've ever awarded. The Air Dream comes in two versions: performance and range. The 520-mile version is the company's "Range" edition of the Dream.

EV Camping: Questions Answered

As summer fades, do you dream of camping? This summer brought lots of EV camping options. Learn about what they were and how they're potentially changing the face of camping for future seasons.

EV Coolness

Rivian is Ready for Anything

A little while ago, there was a flurry of videos of Teslas fording through deep water in China. Now, it's Rivian's turn.

Electric Ridable Unicorn

Also brought to you by China's Xpeng, here is the first taste of what might be the hottest birthday present in a few years. The animated ad shows the robot prancing around with a child, although it does little of that when shown in real life. That said, it's quite cute.

It is another concept car (goodness, folks are putting out a lot of those these days), but it’s one with a very specific purpose. BMW’s i Vision Circular looks specifically at how a manufacturer might create an EV that focuses entirely on the circular economy: fully recycled and fully recyclable.

Chicago: EVs of the Past

Take a fun little walk down out-of-memory lane. CleanTechnica has a map (found on Reddit) of the many EV charging stations in Chicago.... in 1916!

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