EV Radar: October 2021

EV Radar: October 2021

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Governors from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are working together to create an EV charging network. Agreements that cross state borders and create centralized regulations may well be game-changing for the speed of EV adoption in the US. Nice to see this kind of bipartisan work happening in the Midwest.

Tesla HQ has a new address. For anyone tracking Tesla’s news buzz, the change of their headquarters to Texas isn’t surprising. The company has poured time and resources into the new location, which is now the official HQ.

EV Education

Electric UPS Delivery Van

Electric trucking has been a debate for a long time now. Many know it’s only a matter of time, but the question has been when that time is going to be. Amazon and FedEx have both thrown themselves behind the electrification of their delivery vans. But what about bigger vehicles? CleanTechnica outlines a recent research event that answers some of those questions through real data aggregation.​

EV Charging Speeds Explained

EV charging speed is affected by a number of factors. These include charging caps from the vehicle or from the charger. Here's a quick rundown on what some of those factors are and what to keep in mind when thinking about charging.

Home on the Range Anxiety

Deseret News pulls together a dive into the kinds of infrastructure upgrades needed to make the more rural parts of the US attractive places to own an EV. Such advancements would have to include the strategic placement of charging pitstops and vehicles with larger ranges.

Solution Needed: EV Charging 'Deserts'

If you're lucky enough to live in an EV haven like Norway or San Francisco, give thanks. But if not, you'll know that the installation of both DC Fast Chargers and Level 2 AC chargers is important to making any area a comfortable place for EV drivers. This isn't about having reliable access to something somewhere. It's about having access to everything everywhere.

New EV Announcements

EVs in the Pipeline

If you think this is a list the length of your arm, you're right. Manufacturers are doubling down on EVs, and this list from Car and Driver covers every vehicle announced and expected in the next five years.

Here's to a Cleaner London

London public transit is going emissionless starting right now! Specifically, all new busses added to the city fleet must be zero emission.

The British Moke was a 60’s icon in Britain and abroad. Now, the brand is electrifying! It’ll have a top speed of about 100km/h, but it’ll get you where you need to go in classic style.

ID Buzz Concepts

VW has presented the ID Buzz (their VW Microbus-inspired EV) in a range of different forms over the years. It's clear the company means to do more than just offer it as a nostalgic commercial vehicle. This InsideEVs write-up looks at some of the commercial uses envisioned for the bus, including as an autonomous taxi or ambulance.

EV Investments and Innovation

Cadillac EV car

Cadillac is requiring dealerships that wish to continue to sell its vehicles to invest in electric. The company is going all EV by 2030 and has told dealerships it needs chargers, EV training, and new tooling (costing up to $200,000). This kind of long-term view from Cadillac will likely serve them in the long run, even if in the short term it means some dealerships are jumping ship.​

How Safely Do You Drive?

Tesla has added an update that gives drivers a score for how safely they drive. The new built-in "Safety Score" could become particularly interesting if insurance companies start using it as a way to set premiums. Not to mention everything else that could come of such a number.

Bells and Whistles or Just Noise?

More bells and whistles are all well and good, but only if people are willing to pay for them. Expensive new features that few want, however, are not going to go down well in the marketplace.

Rivian vs Tesla

Real allegations or a lot of hot air to make noise and distract from the release of the R1T? Rivian, not Tesla, has managed to move the first electric truck off the conveyor belt. The company is also prepping for an IPO. This building lawsuit will either be incredibly important as that happens or nothing at all. Only time will well.

EV Coolness

Rolls Royce Takes to the Skies

While the maiden flight wasn't long (15 minutes), it was an important step for Rolls Royce. Their eplane is beautiful and will hopefully be an inspiration to other electric air travel developers.

Classics Converted

The waning ICE era is no reason to say "Goodbye!" to beautiful cars of the past. As Australia's shift to electrification accelerates, so does its desire for converted classics.

The vehicle has passed Michigan’s state police testing requirements. Perhaps we’re going to see more Ford Mustang Mach-E police cars in the future. We know a number of other forces have decided to use either the Mach-E or a Tesla as part of their foray into electric squad cars.

Driving SOLO

The three-wheeled, single-seat SOLO EV looks like it's truly production-ready. The question is how many people are going to buy it for $19,000? Will we be surprised, or will ElectraMeccanica be disappointed? I'm hoping for the former, but you never really know.

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