EV Radar: November 2021

EV Radar: November 2021

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On the surface, it feels like GM is hoping to achieve its market share goals through quantity. The company aims to release 30 EVs by 2025, but will it really be enough to unseat Tesla, which already has a huge lead in the EV market?

The $1 trillion US public works bill will push incentives to EV charging infrastructure, give $226 billion towards transportation projects for better roads and bridges, and bolster EV tax credits of up to $4500 for made-in-America vehicles.

EV Education

Quick, easy dive into the know-hows of AC chargers. From AC power charging to installation process and why DC chargers aren’t always the best choice.

Discover How EVs Evolved Over Time

The modern history of EV chargers is a sprint from unconnected "dumb" chargers to fully-connected smart ones. Learn the differences and how they affect the charging experience.

How EVs are Affecting Gas Prices

Here's an interesting thought experiment on the impact the EV world may have on petrol supply, demand, and prices. While it's an op-ed written by an interested party, it's still a great thought piece on the potential outcomes of the next 10-15 years.

Automatic Charging and Scheduling

Bloomberg Hyperdrive focuses here on EVs and charging infrastructure/needs. This article specifically points out the benefits (or possible necessity) of having smart chargers in homes so vehicles can plug in but defer their charging times to off-peak hours to protect the local power grid.

New EV Announcements

Minivans are Now Part of the EV Family

Mini's Urbanaut isn't the first microbus/lifestyle vehicle in the EV space. It'll be exciting if these vans manage to carve out a decent niche. Perhaps they're the sleek, cool EV successor to the much-maligned minivan.

The Three-Wheeled EV

Three-wheeled EVs have a particular place in the EV ecosystem. They're becoming more common as companies (mostly smaller, niche businesses) pitch them as sporting vehicles or about-town cars for quick trips to the grocery store. The Daymak Spiritus is definitely meant for fun, though.

There’s finally a true look at the Solterra electric Subaru. It has a 285-mile range with a DC fast charging top speed of 150 kW. The specs shown linked to at Electrek are the Japanese specs, but the US ones should be similar.

Rivian Demand Outstrips Early Production

Rivian has begun to roll R1Ts off the production line (to the tune of about 2 trucks/day). Not exactly full-scale production, but the company was undoubtedly looking for first-mover advantage when announcing itself the first company to bring an electric truck to market.

EV Investments and Innovation

EVs, blockchain, vehicle-to-grid integration, Canada! It’s even happening inside an apartment building. The pilot project allows tenants to take energy from the grid or give it back, creating a running tally of their total usage, incentivizing returning energy to the building grid.

Leaf Batteries Repurposed and Reused

A new solar array is using unaltered Nissan Leaf battery packs for power storage. It's a clever second life for these batteries and shaves down the company's budget.

Canoo Partners with Panasonic

The Canoo lifestyle vehicle is slated for production at the end of 2022. This newly announced battery partnership with Panasonic sure makes it sound that little bit closer to realization.

Installing EV Chargers across India

The Indian government is committed to installing EV chargers every 50 kilometers along the national highways by 2023. This is a very ambitious project on a short timeline. If it works out, it'll greatly decrease range anxiety in India.

EV Coolness

This Mining Truck is Charging Underground

A diversion from the norm. Here's a Reddit thread showing an electric mining truck charging underground. No nasty fumes filling up this enclosed space. There are some places where EVs are not just a boon but a complete game changer!

First Look at BMW's Police E-scooter

BMW showed off its police model of the CE 04 consumer electric scooter. Apparently, two-wheeled cops are on BMW's e-radar.

Seattle will likely prove to be an interesting testing ground for Amazon’s Zoox autonomous vehicles. It’s rainy, hilly, and not full of other autonomous vehicles yet. Also, it looks as though Zoox will be opening an office there next year.

Hyundai Unveils 0° Turns and Crab Driving

It's the little things that can build into something jaw-dropping. Hyundai's parts and service has developed a new set of wheel modules that combines steering, braking, suspension, and driving systems into each wheel. They're supposed to start coming out on vehicles in 2023.

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