Charge ELV Ltd. (UK and Ireland)

Charge ELV Ltd. (UK and Ireland)

Every business is different, and each faces its own challenges. But what makes businesses strong is how they tackle difficulties and carve out a place for themselves in their own markets. Charge ELV is just such a company, ready to take on anything. The company is a best-in-class, expert supplier of commercial, retail, workplace, and domestic solutions for EV charging in the UK and Ireland. They also provide advice in selecting the “right” electric vehicle charging options to fit the customer’s current and future needs. Finally, Charge ELV offers turnkey projects, including all aspects of installation, service, and maintenance. At Noodoe, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Charge ELV to help advance the world’s electrification efforts.

Electrifying the UK

Higher prices at the pumps have led to an increased wave of interest in electric vehicles. Car buyers who never seriously considered buying an EV before are suddenly more than open to the idea. By the end of November 2021, the UK EV market had hit a 28% market share in new car sales. All of those electric vehicles need charging.

We asked what the biggest business opportunity for an EV charging solution provider in the UK is. George Walker, owner of Charge ELV and an electrical and electronics engineer, has over 20 years of experience in the automation and controls sector. He said, “By far the biggest opportunities are in the workplace and public infrastructure sectors. By 2030, the UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. Hybrid cars have been given a stay of execution until 2035. To achieve the government’s goals, there needs to be massive investment and growth in workplace and public charging.”

An estimated 25% of all vehicles in the UK will be electric within the next 5 years. Charging infrastructure must be installed at a huge scale and pace. Therefore, everyone needs to be part of the push toward electrification in the UK. A recent mandate outlined by UK PM Boris Johnson will require all new building projects to include charge points. 

What Does it Take to Be Successful?


In our experience, one of the most important elements of success as a provider of EV charging solutions is innovation. Charge ELV’s success comes from its partnership with innovative and market-leading EV charger manufacturers, such as Noodoe. This has allowed the company to deliver niche tailored solutions, helping commercial customers own and operate charging infrastructure. 

A Clear Goal

Charge ELV is passionate about contributing to reducing carbon emissions by being a leading provider of EV charging solutions. They assist in providing infrastructure to accelerate the market as it shifts to scale the rollout of electric vehicles. With a technical background and an eye on UK market shifts, Walker has positioned Charge ELV to be a changemaker in the EV charging market. So, there’s no questioning whether Charge ELV can deliver its promised electrification. “Charge ELV will achieve this by constantly providing the most innovative solutions on the market, first-class customer service, and a dynamic communications strategy.”

The Right Partner

At Noodoe, we were excited to partner with Walker in the UK because the team at Charge ELV is determined and energetic about meeting our shared goal of making transportation sustainable. “Charge ELV can see the passion and internal expertise with Noodoe, motivating to be part of Noodoe’s growth strategy. Noodoe gives station owners the ability to operate, own and maintain an infrastructure of EV chargers using market-leading technology.”

When asked about their experience partnering with Noodoe, Walker said, “Our experience has been extremely positive from Day 1. They provide a comprehensive onboarding programme with an extensive range of partner resources. Partner support has been first class, providing vital technical information for tenders and training. Noodoe and Charge ELV are commercially positioned to be a major vendor within the UK&I market.” 

The Bottom Line

As an international push for reducing carbon emissions, how do we go forward? Walker’s response seems right on track. “The EV charging market is still in its infantile stage and there is rapid development of the technology supporting it. So the key to both our partner’s and our success will be through tech, with the ability to quickly respond and adapt to the changing environment.” As time and needs change, technology needs to be adaptable and powerful. It needs to deliver what we need when we need it. Charge ELV and Noodoe both know the value of this kind of technology when it comes to EV charging in the UK and around the world.