EV Radar: December 2021

EV Radar: December 2021

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The UK is, theoretically, coming down firm. New buildings will be required to include EV charging stations, as will renovated structures that have 10 or more parking spaces. This could rewrite the near future of EVs in the UK.

The creation of this coalition means a big step toward getting a built-out charging infrastructure in the US. That’s a big deal because American driving culture doesn’t see long-distance driving as the barrier it can be viewed as in other parts of the world. It’s very common, in fact, to describe distances in terms of hours instead of miles or kilometers.

EV Education

Fleets not only buy vehicles but (some) must sell them long before they’re out of commission. Shifting fleets to electric means also boosting the number of EVs in the second-hand car market. New South Wales has earmarked money to help cover the cost difference between buying gas-powered fleet vehicles and electric ones.

Toyota Sets Up EV Battery Plant

New battery plant for Toyota coming in North Carolina. That said, it's not really expected to be operational until 2025.

Compare Most Efficient EVs

Interested in electric efficiency? A CleanTechnica reader and data compiler has you covered! The spreadsheet covers 66 vehicles specifically from Europe, but the information is highly usable elsewhere. VW comes out well.

Ford Plans to Produce 600,000 EVs

That many vehicles per year is an improvement, but it's hardly true volume production. It takes time to get up to speed, but Ford will have to work hard if it wants that EV market share. Looks like we'll have to wait just a bit longer for that.

New EV Announcements

Nissan Reveals 15 EVs by 2030

23 electrified models (and 15 full EVs) by 2030 with solid-state batteries in 2028? These are good goals, and the concepts shown in the post are pretty fun. It'll be interesting to see what the eventual models actually look like.

Mercedes Bests Tesla S in Battery Range

Mercedes tested out their $102,000 EQS on a run of 422 miles. The EV drove 20 miles farther than what the Tesla Model S guarantees. Mercedes-Benz joins the top tier of EVs for range, falling short just behind the Lucid Air, which covers 520 miles.

EV, as we see time and again, doesn’t just mean electric cars. It means busses, tractors, airplanes, and even trains. Germany is adding 44 more electric trains to the national rail service. Deutsche-Bahn, an operator of local and regional trains in Germany, is aiming for climate neutrality by 2040!

The Barbie Vehicle: EV Style

Mattel promoted a new toy Barbie car by stealing the runaway spotlight with a Fiat 500e mockup at the 2021 LA Auto Show. The dream car has white angel wings for doors, gold star stickers, and rainbow-colored wheels. The EV definitely serves best-in-design for Mattel!

EV Investments and Innovation

Given the success of the Mach-E, this is hardly surprising news. Roll into that the issues that lead to the Chevy Bolt recall this year, and it’s even less of a surprise.

Honda's New SUV Has Beetle-Wing Doors

This concept SUV is longer than a Caddilac Escalade and has beetle-wing doors. While there's no promise of a production version of it, Hyundai has turned more than one concept into an eventual publicly sold vehicle.

Electric Tractor Now Operates Autonomously

Electric tractors aren't new, but this one's pretty spiffy. The Monarch Tractor can be used as a generator in the field and be operated manually or autonomously. It will even collect and analyze your crop data!

Nissan is Developing a Lunar Rover

If you happen to be interested in both EVs and aerospace, then this is right up your alley! Nissan is working with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to develop a lunar rover that's efficient, electric, and effective.

EV Coolness

Christmas-Lighted Car Tours UK for Charity

The sen-sleigh-tional project will bring twinkly lights around the UK. This light-wrapped electric Mini is raising money for charity and looking snazzy doing it!

The Most Famous EV of All Time?

Finally, here's a nice smile! A bunch of EV geeks on Reddit got to chatting about what might be the most famous EV of all time: The NASA moon rover!

This is not the first and won’t be the last article we see on battery recycling. As EVs become more and more a part of the vehicular ecosystem, we’re going to need to continue working on what to do with them after the fact.

EV School Bus Powers Through -40 Weather

Dramatically below freezing or not, Alaska has become the happy home to an electric school bus. It was also deeply discounted due to a grant encouraging improved sustainability.

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