EV Radar: February 2022

EV Radar: February 2022

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EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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One big thing legacy automakers have had going for them is the ability to outspend their smaller, newer competitors in the EV space. This will make GM’s third battery factory in the US.

Disrupting the market with the longest range an EV can offer, Lucid is giving a new definition for efficiency. The Lucid Air, a luxury model, is finally available for orders! It’s described as smaller outside and bigger inside. With their performance and ingenuity, no one can dismiss the challenge they bring to other automakers. 

EV Education

Anyone playing the waiting game with Tesla is going to wait a little longer. It looks like three of the biggest “headline” models aren’t going to be available until 2023.

Race to the Most Affordable EV

Fiat is tossing their hat in the contest of making the most affordable EV with their Fiat Panda 2022. Featuring their spin of features and keeping things simple, only the market will tell whether Fiat Panda will be a leader of the low-priced, entry-level models.

Another EV Benefit You Should Keep In Mind

EVs have more benefits than the obvious. In contrast to traditional ICE cars, EVs have no auto fluids dripping off of them while parked. Such leaked auto fluids end up in waterways, contaminating the environment more than imagined.

How Fast Is Your Car Design?

How aerodynamic is your car? And what difference does it make? Actually, it plays an essential role in the car's performance in terms of speed and, for EVs, range! For decades automakers have been optimizing vehicle design to have the lowest possible drag coefficient and balance the final look as desirable as possible. The sleek, streamlined design is not just for looks.

New EV Announcements

Farewell, Nissan ICEs

Nissan puts a stop to any new internal combustion engines development. Except for the US market! Will this lead to the US being the place manufacturers' ICE vehicles receive their final hurrah?

Hyudai Sets Course to Japan

Hyundai has decided to try their luck again with the Japanese auto market after 13 years. And this time it will be all-electric cars. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 will kickstart this return. Best believe the South Korean car manufacturer will do its best to put previous lessons learned into practice.

Electrified! Ferrari has released a first look at their very first electric supercar! It’s only a matter of time before we see a new generation of electric Ferraris on the road.

The Future Of The Brand

The endless pursuit of the Lexus driving signature will move to the next stage through development of the new sports battery EV. It will be a model that symbolizes the future of the brand.

EV Investments and Innovation

Have you heard of the Fresco XL? A contender to take over Lucid’s place in the longest-ranging EV on a single charge. This Norwegian EV-maker Fresco Motors is promising 1,000km per charge for their stylish new EV.

Is Your Car the Fastest Charging EV?

"Searching for the fastest charging electric vehicles? The list includes 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E and 2022 Rivian R1T."

EV Family is Adding a New Member

Electric school buses are quickly taking off (if you can call excitement over a vehicle that's been around for a decade quick). Either way, they're finally digging out not only a trendy but a subsidized niche in the EV market.

Heavy-Duty Fleet Is Going Electric

The heaviest vehicles on the road are on their way to becoming emission-free. Volvo and Unicon are in cooperation to electrify heavy-duty concrete mixer trucks to accelerate green transportation in concrete.

EV Coolness

Is it a truck? Is it a boat?

Technology is making close to everything possible. So, why not have 2-in-1 Cybertruck that turns into a boat? Any guesses on who's working on it?

Closer Look at the ID.Buzz from VW

It's a far cry from the enticing concept photos of 4 years ago, but here are some "first look" interior pictures of the ID.Buzz from VW.

Jaguar Land Rover is teaming up with the leading hardware and software developer in AI, NVIDIA, to develop and launch all new vehicles from 2025 and onwards with computer brains that have AV features. Moreover, as a result of the cooperation, Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will become updateable, just like Teslas.

Not Only Cars Can Be Electric

Not all electric boats are Cybertrucks. Navier is attempting to fund its electric hydrofoil (imagine the quiet of heading out on the lake on an electric craft). The company says it's rethinking these watercraft from the inside out instead of just updating old craft to electric versions of themselves.

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