EV Radar: March 2022

EV Radar: March 2022

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EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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Tesla finally got the green light to go ahead with their gigafactory in Germany. However, not everything is settled yet. There is a wealth of conditions regarding regulations and the permit given to Tesla to start production. If all goes well; this gigafactory will be rolling out 500,000 EVs per year.

Will auto dealerships cease to exist, or will they integrate with automakers? As the EV market expands, new startups don’t have traditional sales channels for their cars. Therefore, for other brands to push their EV lineups, they must adapt to what the customers want. Ford is considering reconstructing their sales channel for both ICEs and EVs.

EV Education

Green energy and deep decarbonization are fast becoming a common practice worldwide. With the combined efforts of every country to hit the milestones by 2030 and 2050 energy sector is well on its way to becoming a decentralized industry.

Ride-hailing Service with Robotaxis

Alongside EVs, autonomous vehicle technology has been on track. Waymo has invested time and effort in turning regular cars smart and automating the driving experience. Now, they get to charge for their robotaxi rides. How long will it take for this to expand to the entire ride-hailing service industry?

V2G? V2V? What Is All That About?

Driving around with a powerful battery pack offers more than a car. Those batteries can serve EV drivers in more ways. Electric vehicles can power an entire house for several days in case of a blackout. Drivers can even sell electricity back to their utility companies.

Do You Know Enough about EVs to Judge?

Here is a helpful list of questions to guide you through your considerations when getting or simply learning about EVs. More often than not, we are apprehensive about EVs because we lack information and insights.

New EV Announcements

14 New EVs in Four Years

2030 is a significant milestone for many environmental movements, including for Kia motors. The automaker announced its product roadmap during its investor meeting. It shows an accelerated transition to electric vehicles: 14 new EVs by 2027.

All New BEV from Jeep, Finally!

Quicker or more laid back, sooner or later, automakers are electrifying their models. One that joined the rally a little later is Jeep. Their complete battery-electric SUV is coming next year!

Audi has unveiled a new electric addition to their e-tron family; the Audi A6 Avant. The station wagon concept is positioned as production-ready and embodies the brand’s essence of luxury and performance. Check out the first look at the concept built on the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) jointly developed with Porsche AG.

Electric Trucks Are Better And Cheaper?

It wasn't that long ago; everyone thought EVs were too expensive or didn't have good range and were sensitive to weather conditions. The industry development has busted all those misconceptions and proved that EVs are the future. And now we can look forward to the day electric medium and heavy-duty trucks to become cheaper than diesel counterparts.

EV Investments and Innovation

Competing on efficiency and cost are crucial for automakers. Hyundai’s new IMA (Integrated Modular Architecture) promises to decrease the vehicles’ cost and weight significantly while improving production efficiency.

Tesla Semi's Advanced Feature

Tesla Semi electric truck-in-waiting just added an officially patented feature. Until now, an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) hasn't been used in commercial products. Obtaining a patent for their version of ATIS, Tesla Semis will be able to manage tire pressure and optimize driving performance on different surfaces.

One Step Toward Solid State Batteries

Technological advancements in EV components have been regularly improving its performance and competency. Currently, the best performing energy storage for EVs is lithium-ion batteries, and the subsequent improvement in this area is solid-state batteries. Samsung is going forward with the trial production of solid-state batteries, which will bring significant improvements and possibilities for EVs.

Your EV, Your Back Up Electricity

EVs are packed with batteries. Is there more use for those batteries beyond running the vehicle? With the bidirectional charging technology in emergencies or grid stabilization, your EV can power your home. GM and PG&E are exploring this possibility to develop it further.

EV Coolness

Affordable Option to Getting An EV

Motivated by clean environment initiatives, Transition-One converts traditional ICE cars into EVs. This is one shortcut to getting an EV while keeping the ICE vehicle body. Check the list to see if your car can be converted.

Is The Car Missing a Steering Wheel?

The development of autonomous vehicles has reached the point where the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued final rules to eliminate the requirement for steering wheels and other manual controls from fully autonomous vehicles. Provided that the automakers are required to meet the safety standards at the same level as regular cars.

There are more ways to have an EV, even if you only want to drive iconic models that have a history behind them. Everrati is authorized to convert iconic legendary models like Ford GT40 into EVs, maintaining the original character with the same weight distribution and handling. Now classic iconic cars live on in an EV era.

EV With The Range of an ICE

Range anxiety is the first and the most common concern when considering switching to an EV. Over the last few years, carmakers and early adopters have proven that the range that EVs have is more than enough for anyone's weekly drive. Given that charging stations are becoming more common than before, is more extended range still necessary?

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