Noodoe Apps: Discount Code

Noodoe Apps: Discount Code

For many businesses, EV chargers represent an untapped opportunity for marketing. Charging stations can be an excellent draw, encouraging EV drivers to choose one business over another. Savvy business owners and operators can also use them to differentiate themselves and help their stations turn a profit. Shopping centers have long used discount codes to encourage customer loyalty and incentivize shopping habits. Now, Noodoe offers the same convenience and incentive in an easy-to-use app, part of the Noodoe Apps Library, available to charging station managers using Noodoe EV OS

What is the Noodoe Apps Libary?

Noodoe’s management platform, Noodoe EV OS, can seamlessly integrate apps from the Noodoe Apps Library. Access to the library can be added to any Noodoe EV OS subscription and give the host access to a broad range of powerful, flexible solutions that optimize EV charger management. Noodoe’s Discount Codes give EV charger managers the ability to turn their chargers into powerful marketing tools to drive business and increase customer loyalty.


Enabling the Discount Code app is easy! Once you have access to the Noodoe Apps Library, simply fill out the appropriate information for the desired type of discount, and you’re on your way!

  • Select from a percentage or a dollar amount discount. Give it a name and a description. 
  • Set the validity period of your discount.
  • Even choose how many times a single user can use the discount code!

Once the code is ready to go, decide how to get it to your customers. Maybe you’ll choose to send it out in an advertising email. You could opt to send it in the mail. Heck, you can even post it on the wall inside your business so customers have to walk in the front door to see what the code is. The choices are yours to make so they fit your business perfectly!

Eat Fresh Market: Amanda and Jac

Eat Fresh Market with two Noodoe EV AC charging stations out front.

Amanda and her business partner Jac own a small chain of grocery stores called Eat Fresh Market. They predominantly sell locally sourced fruits and vegetables as well as a range of ready-to-eat meals and dry goods. The markets tend to be near the edge of the city, far enough away from the urban center that most customers drive. Those customers are typically health-conscious and eco-aware. Amanda and Jac have noticed a growing number of EVs parked in their parking lots and wonder whether adding a few EV charging stations would both increase customer loyalty and help other EV drivers find their markets. 

After talking it over, Amanda and Jac install three Noodoe EV AC charging stations at each market. When activating Noodoe EV OS, they make sure to take clear and attractive pictures of each charger so it’s easily found by EV drivers looking online for stations. They also put in place a discount code that gives drivers 25% off their first charging session.

The response is immediate! Customers already driving EVs comment on how convenient it is to be able to shop and charge at the same time. They tell their friends about the charging stations as well as the discount for a first-time charge. Word spreads, and use of the stations grows.

Over the coming year, Amanda and Jac run a number of promotions for discounted charging, including offering 50% off on Earth Day and $2 off during their weekly summer farmer’s markets. They combined each promotion with an affirmation or statement of thanks: “Eat Fresh Market thanks you for driving electric and helping us all move toward a more sustainable future!”

Running the chargers on Noodoe EV OS with the Noodoe Apps Library makes setting up and changing codes effortless. Amanda and Jac love to construct and run EV-based marketing campaigns at a moment’s notice. All they have to do is decide on the discount, the code, and the validity. The rest is done for them by their management platform!