Installation Training

Installation Training


When it comes to the world of EV charging, it takes a great many people to reach for the electrified stars. We couldn’t continue to drive the electrified revolution without all of them! Manufacturers and distributors make sure products are good, high quality, and ready for anything (like Noodoe EV chargers and the Noodoe EV OS software solution, which makes managing those chargers a breeze). Site hosts and station owners have their hands on the day-to-day operation of EV charging infrastructure. Their locations and businesses give EV drivers a place to charge while out and about. And speaking of drivers, they’re the lifeblood of the revolution, making the economically and environmentally friendly choice to drive electric.

But there’s a step missing there. How do chargers get from the manufacturer to ready-to-use at the owner’s site? That, of course, happens through the hard work and diligence of the EV charging station installers! 

Noodoe’s trusted partners

Some of the most important people we work with are our installation partners. These individuals have gone through our training and know Noodoe’s chargers inside and out. They are an irreplaceable resource, true partners!

As an installation partner, you are an electrical installer with all the know-how to install and activate Noodoe EV charging stations. Don’t worry about that last part. We provide the training! When we receive appropriate clients with Noodoe charger projects in your designated area, we refer your company’s services to our clients.

Most basic charging stations are little more than basic appliances. That’s true for both home chargers and connected AC smart chargers. The only background needed to get started is basic professional knowledge of electrical installation. That means a wide variety of professionals could add EV charger installation to their business offerings by the end of the month. Easy!

The process involves first attending one of our monthly Noodoe Master Classes. These are in-depth training courses that go over everything you need to become a Trusted Partner. Our Principal Engineer goes over all of the details specific to Noodoe chargers, installation, activation, and product questions.

Training and continued education are important to Noodoe. We want our installation partners to feel supported and confident when they’re on-site doing an installation. That holds true for seasoned EV charging station installers and installers getting ready to activate their first Noodoe unit. We make sure our partners are well-trained and know how to reach out to us, so they’re always supported!

Learn More or Sign Up

When you’re ready to expand your business, we’re ready to help. Reach out to Noodoe, and we’ll get you signed up for our next free MasterClass on EV charger installation. If you’re not quite sure yet, you’re more than welcome to attend one of our upcoming webinars and learn more about Noodoe and our products.