EV Radar: May 2022

EV Radar: May 2022

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When considering an EV, the first hurdle always seems to be charging time. Over the years, charging technology and battery capacity have made significant improvements. And now, the industry is shifting to 800 volts as soon as 2025, which could potentially halve charging time.

The EV industry growth is boosted by both private and public sectors. US$3 billion will be dedicated to battery manufacturing and support solving the supply chain issues that many automakers are facing today. This will be a significant push to further accelerate EVs’ supply chain and manufacturing.

EV Education

Did we get the lessons from the previous fails and faulty industrial practices? Sustainability is crucial as ever before discussed. Is the EV production process well-processed and taken into account the environmental impacts?

An EV That Never Went into Production

Who was the true trailblazer of the current EV era? As early as 20 years ago, before GM EV1 was developed, Nissan had their Future Electric Vehicle. The two-door sleek electric vehicle was a concept with 155 miles range.

Higher Power for Faster Charging

In the world of EV charging, AC and DC chargers are common sights. But what about high-powered AC charging stations? What are they and what sets them apart?

More Shortages

Automakers remain vocal on market factors affecting production. Rivian CEO warns that the battery shortage could have a bigger impact than chip supply issues. Take this as a warning sign for possible delay in deliveries, price increases, and slower production.

New EV Announcements

Electric SUV for Kia

Next year, Kia is bringing an electric SUV the size of their popular Telluride to the US market. EV9 will be one of the few three-row mid-size SUVs in the market with an estimated price of around $50,000. 800-volt architecture and bi-directional charging cannot go unmentioned.

Beyond Lightning

More all-electric pickup trucks are popping up! Ford announced that another electric pickup truck is in the pipeline after recently putting the Ford F-150 Lightning into production.

Currently, a handful of brands offer battery-electric trucks. Big-name automakers have been aggressively converting or developing new EVs. We might expect to see another electric truck on the market from VW, and it is a model well-known as International Harvester Scout.  

More Affordable EVs are Coming

VW ID.3 is coming hot in 2023. The legendary hatchback took many forms over the decades. Today's new model became electric, but tomorrow's version will equip a dual motor and all-wheel drive with a sporty look. And it is one of the least expensive electric cars available today.

EV Investments and Innovation

One of the biggest truck rental and leasing companies, Penske, is about to receive their first fleet of Ford E-Transit. These are the first light-duty electric trucks that Penske is making available for rental and longer-term, full-service leasing.

Lucid in the Middle East

A big deal with a big name. Lucid has signed a purchase agreement with the Saudi Arabian government. Over the next decade, Lucid will deliver 50,000 EVs with an additional 50,000 if the government of Saudi Arabia chooses to up the purchase.

Champion in Battery Technology

Silicon Lithium battery beats fossil fuels in a landslide. Although there is nothing wrong with today’s lithium-ion EV batteries, Silicon Lithium takes the crown with a secret weapon. Silicon can kill two birds with one stone by increasing range and shortening charging time!

Plant in the Plans

Hyundai is rumored to build a second plant in Georgia. If the new plant does happen, it would be for building electric vehicles for Hyundai and Kia. The plant is expected to create thousands of job opportunities and also attracted other related industries to Georgia.

EV Coolness

Autonomous UK

In the UK, the Department for Transport might be authorizing the first autonomous vehicle on the road later this year.

Multipurpose Electric Vans

Here is an exciting pitch on electric van uses. Vans serve many purposes for the logistics business, postal services, and simple transportation. But what if you were able to customize a van that can serve you on many occasions?

Audi has released more details of their new concept electric car, Urbansphere. This model is specially designed for city traffic, strengthened with the autonomous driving feature. As they define it as a “lounge on wheels” or “mobile office”.

iPhones, and iCars in 2024?

Although its just a rumor and nothing's confirmed yet... Apple has hired ex-Ford's EV expert Desi Ujkashevic who specializes in autonomous driving vehicles and safety compliances. Perhaps besides iPhones we'll get a look at iCars in 2024!

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