EV Radar: July 2022

EV Radar: July 2022

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EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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According to Bloomberg Intelligence, Volkswagen Group may surpass Tesla to become the number-one electric vehicle seller in the world by 2024. With ten different brands under the Volkswagen Group, the automaker offers a wide variety of electric models in markets around the world.

With enough pressure (from the administration, congress, and the public), the US Postal Service has agreed to expand its fleet electrification from 10% up to 40%. This will include the original order from Oshkosh Defense, as well as a number of off-the-shelf consumer EVs to fill the gaps.

EV Education

Study shows that some drivers still have range anxiety over electric vehicles. What they do not know is that EV models on the market are capable of meeting their daily needs.

The Future of Transportation

EVs are developing a stylistic language of their own, offering not just a car but a "living room on a skateboard." The Guardian dives into how and why.

EV Myths

The UK government has debunked 19 common EV misconceptions in a clear, easy-to-digest pdf. Take and look and see which ones are still hanging on!

Who's going electric?

Traditionally, coastal states have been the ones driving electrification in the US. So it's surprising to see recent analysis showing that the fastest growth is coming from states like Mississippi (241% market share growth since 2014) and Utah (97% since 2014). Find out what's driving that growth!

New EV Announcements

An Era Ends

The Nissan Leaf will reportedly be phased out over the next few years. The model was the first mass-produced electric vehicle in the U.S. market.

Sony & Honda Join Forces

Sony and Honda have joined and created an EV company under their wings! The new company called “Sony Honda Mobility Inc" will be an automaker dedicated to producing EVs for the "provision of services for mobilities" in 2025.

Jaguar is developing a dedicated chassis for its electric vehicles called the Panthera platform. The company plans to build three new battery-electric SUVs based on the Panthera platform.

Hyundai Hatchback

Hyundai is developing a more affordable electric hatchback for the Europe market. Hyundai Motor Europe's marketing chief Andreas-Christoph Hofmann said that they are working on electrifying the i10, which might be priced under 20,000 euros (approximately $20,487).

EV Investments and Innovation

The New South Wales government are opening a $38 mil AUD Grant for businesses to install chargers at their destination site. $10 million is set aside for residential and apartment building lots. $10 million will go towards off-street parking. The leftover $18 million will go towards DC fast charging stations. The fund is part of $633 of NSW’s strategy till 2031 that half of all Australian cars are electric!

Canoo Gets a Lifeline

Looks like Canoo is back in the game. The company has seen a huge bump in stock valuation as both Walmart and NASA have committed to using their Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles for zero-emission transportation.

Battery Second Life

High capacity battery storage (like portable phone charging banks) could be the answer to power-constrained grids. VW has built such a system from reused ID.3 and ID.4 batteries.

GM Intros Plug-and-Charge

General Motors is starting to add Plug and Charge. Plug and Charge technology enables charging stations to safely identify EV drivers and their vehicles when plug in for a charge. Once the charging station accepts the information about the vehicle, the charging session will start automatically.

EV Coolness

Amazon's London Cargo Bike Trucks

Amazon has started using electric cargo bikes that look like mini trucks for deliveries in London. They're zero-emission vehicles, which is great for Amazon and for London (where the company would be charged for its emissions).

A Home for Hummer

The Hummer EV is a niche vehicle, designed for certain functions rather than for widespread commercial use. The military may just fit perfectly in the niche, as it did for the gas-powered Hummer.

Just in time for the summer heat, Taiga has started delivering its electric jet skis. There’s something truly amazing about the idea of taking to the water in a craft that will make minimal noise, letting you spend a little time enjoying nature at top speed!

EVs for Local Police Forces

Slowly, electric cars are beginning to be used by police precincts in many states in the US. Especially with the rising price of gas, it's predicted that electric cars can offer an annual cost savings of up to $700.

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