DC Charging Stations DC30PM DC Charging Station

DC30PM DC Charging Station

Noodoe EV DC30PM

DC Charging station


Noodoe EV DC30PM is a movable DC electric vehicle charging station ideal in a flowing work environment like workshops or dealerships. 




Key Benefits

Hands-off management with autonomous station operation via Noodoe EV OS.

  • Noodoe EV OS web portal for changing settings such as pricing and for reviewing operational reports.
  • Fast Level 3 charging, ideal for deployment where customers need to recharge quickly and keep moving.

Technical specification

Cloud Service: Noodoe EV OS

Max. Output Power: 30 kW

Input Power: 3-phase, 5-wire, 480 Vac, 47 A maximum

Network Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G

Vehicle Connection: CCS1 

Dimension: 23.2 (W) x 29.1 (H) x 19.3 (D) in / 589 (W) x 740 (H) x 490 (D) mm

Certification: CE

Noodoe EV OS is our cloud-based operating system that provides the most advanced solutions for managing EV charging networks.

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