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Attract Clients


Power Management

Truly Automated

Increase Revenue


Savvy construction companies are adding EV charging solutions to their offerings in order to win contracts in competitive fields. EV chargers are in demand everywhere from shopping centers to hospitals, from residential properties to business parks. Having a trusted EV charging solution that comes with a best-in-class operating system will help keep you ahead of the competition. Noodoe EV can make that happen. Our operating system – Noodoe EV OS – streamlines EV charger operation, letting your clients get back to business.

Generate Revenue

On-site EV charging allows facility managers to generate passive revenue. It turns parking spots into lucrative sources of income.


Noodoe EV OS’s self-diagnostic capabilities mean that day-to-day maintenance staff is not needed. It can keep everything running smoothly.


Our integrated dashboard centralizes everything. It can manage just one charger or as many as you have! Nothing could be easier.

Parking is Charging

For an EV driver, convenience is key when it comes to “filling up.” As they don’t require gas stations, electric vehicles can top up anywhere chargers are available. Parking lots are becoming the ideal modern filling stations. 

Discerning construction companies know that the addition of EV chargers improves the value of almost any site. They are important for apartments, condos, retirement communities, and hotels where drivers want to charge overnight. Business parks and hospitals, too, benefit from offering EV charging to commuters and visitors. Don’t forget restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores. Chargers are perfect additions to anywhere people may wish to linger. 

Smart Energy Management:
Convenient Charging for You and Your Clients

Noodoe EV helps you install more EV chargers without costly upgrades to your site. You could install 2x or even 4x as many chargers on the same electrical panel. Installing more chargers means making room for more EVs. 

Noodoe EV OS’s smart load balancing feature distributes the power. So only those EVs needing a charge get power. Now everyone can have a good night’s sleep and wake up with a full charge!

Load Balancing with Noodoe EV OS

Hands-off Management with Ease

Get to Know True Autonomy

All Noodoe EV chargers run on Noodoe EV OS. It’s easy to use and built for automation. This powerful, cloud-based system is simple enough for anyone to operate. Diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. It optimizes every EV charger on your site.





Take Control of Your Assets

Noodoe EV OS gives you control over your chargers. Pre-set programming automatically changes prices to match peak hours. Drivers enjoy flexible payment options, while you appreciate funds transferred right to your bank account. See all chargers from the central dashboard, whether they’re on-site or across numerous properties. Noodoe EV OS makes it easy.




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Noodoe EV Exceed DC


The Noodoe EV Exceed DC chargers are the fastest, highest performing DC chargers in the industry. Through Noodoe technological innovation, our Exceed DC  level 3 chargers offer 20% faster performance at the same price point, an incredible value for money. Choose from 60kW, 120kW, or 180kW chargers.

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