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A Changing Landscape

Countries and auto manufacturers around the world have created deadlines for the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This dramatic shift in mobility promises to rewrite transportation as a whole. Getting involved as early as possible will mean being part of a community that’s shaping the future.

Noodoe EV has electric vehicle charging answers specifically tailored to the needs of gas station operators. We can make your facilities compatible with the new age of electric vehicles. And our best-in-class operating system – Noodoe EV OS – makes overseeing and tracking chargers at numerous sites smooth and easy.

Stay Sharp

Stay ahead of the industry. Add EV charging and get a leg up on the competition.

Charge Quickly

DC fast chargers get drivers in and out as quickly as possible.


Noodoe EV OS runs every charger efficiently. It's programmed for extreme automation, letting you get back to work.


Gas stations must adapt to the new reality of electric cars and motorcycles. As the sale of these vehicles speeds up, operators will need to find a way to bridge the gap between past and future revenue streams. EV charging is the answer.

Chargers are easy to install and operate, and they don’t require attendants. Install them instead of pumps, alongside them, or in extant parking spaces. With Noodoe EV OS, all information appears on a centralized dashboard, whether it’s managing a single charger or a hundred across a network of gas stations.

Noodoe EV Exceed DC


The Noodoe EV Exceed DC chargers are the fastest, highest performing DC chargers in the industry. Through Noodoe technological innovation, our Exceed DC  level 3 chargers offer 20% faster performance at the same price point, an incredible value for money. Choose from 60kW, 120kW, or 180kW chargers.

Hands-off Management with Ease

Get to Know True Autonomy

All Noodoe EV chargers run on Noodoe EV OS. It’s easy to use and built for automation. This powerful, cloud-based system is simple enough for anyone to operate. Diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. It optimizes every EV charger on your site.





Take Control of Your Assets

Noodoe EV OS gives you control over your chargers. Pre-set programming automatically changes prices to match peak hours. Drivers enjoy flexible payment options, while you appreciate funds transferred right to your bank account. See all chargers from the central dashboard, whether they’re on-site or across numerous properties. Noodoe EV OS makes it easy.




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