Installing Noodoe EV's


Going from shipment to operational takes only three steps. Install the charger. Activate it. Subscribe to Noodoe EV OS using the site owner’s credentials (required for operation).


Run through the pre-installation checklist

Unbox the charger

Make sure you have the recommended tools

Read the User Manual and get everything mounted

Set up internet connection

Power up your charger!

Pre-Installation Checklist

Read this user manual thoroughly and make sure to review all local building and electrical codes before installing the AC charger.
A qualified technician should install the AC charger according to the user manual and local safety regulations.
Use appropriate protection when connecting to the main power distribution cable.
Type B, C or D breaker with a rating current of 60Amp should be installed in the upstream AC distribution box.
Verify that the Wall Connector is properly grounded.

Recommended Tools

Wire stripper
Crimpers for ring terminals
Phillips screwdriver for M4 ~ M6
1-3/8 inch or 34 mm drill bit
Voltmeter or digital multimeter (for measuring AC voltage at the installation site)
The inserting cable should meet the best waterproof performance.
It is recommended to use a 3 core / 6 AWG or 14 mm2 cables (XLPE-75 °C, THHN-75 °C, or equivalent) to pull the cable from the distribution box. The maximum outer diameter of the cable should be 16 mm ~ 23 mm.
Level ruler
Pencil or marker
Machine drill
Ring terminal (recommend type 14-5) for 6 AWG wire, and fixed by M5 slotted head screw
Slotted head screwdriver for M5


Follow the instructions in the User Manual to complete the installation of the EV charging stations.

User Manual

English Users Guide
Chinese Users Guide

internet connection

Noodoe EV charging stations require internet connectivity to complete charger activation and to provide charging services. 
If using Wi-Fi, a high-quality commercial-grade 4G router is required for stable operation of the charging stations.

A consumer router will freeze after a few months and require a reset. Commercial-grade routers are designed for years of continuous operation under harsh conditions. Additionally, they can auto-reboot should the routers stop working. This ensures dependable, automated service. Please contact your Noodoe EV representative or distributor if you require help with obtaining a commercial-quality Noodoe-certified 4G router.

Powering On

After all the electrical work has been completed and the Ethernet cable has been plugged in, you can power up the charging station by turning on the breaker.

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Need Help?

If you’re still experiencing issues or would like to ask any questions specific to your installation, please reach out through our FAQ or by submitting a request for support.