Installing Noodoe EV's


Going from shipment to operational takes only three steps. Install the charger. Activate it. Subscribe to Noodoe EV OS using the site owner’s credentials (required for operation).


Run through the pre-installation checklist

Make sure you have everything in the box

Read the User Manual and get everything mounted

Set up internet connection

Power up your charger!

Pre-Installation Checklist

Ensure that you have read the installation guide and the user manual.
Type B, C or D breaker with a rating current higher than 40Amp should be installed in the upstream AC distribution box.
Ensure that you know how the charger will connect to the internet.
Noodoe EV chargers require an internet connection to provide EV charging services. You may need a router with a 4G connection if a wired Internet connection is not available.
Ensure that the installation permit has been received and the installation date and time are confirmed with the project manager/property representative.
If you’re performing a pedestal installation, ensure that the concrete pad construction has been completed (if the charger type is wall-mounted, this step can be skipped).
Prepare qualified AC power hard wires and RJ45 hard wired internet cable (CAT.6 at least) of adequate length for the installation site.
Ensure that the related tools have been prepared, including but not limited to:

• Wire stripper
• Crimpers (for European terminals)
• Phillips screwdriver for M4 ~ M6
• Slotted screwdriver for 4~5.5mm
• Voltmeter or digital multimeter (for measuring AC voltage at the installation site)
• The inserting cable should meet the best waterproof performance. It is recommended to use 3 core AWG#8 or 8mm2 cable (XLPE or equivalent cable) to pull the cable from the distribution box. The maximum outer diameter of the cable should be 13mm ~ 18mm.
• Level ruler
• Pencil or marker
• Machine drill

What's In The Box

AC Charger (with Charging Cable)1
Wall-Mounted Bracket1
User Manual1
Product Certification1
Expansion Screws (Gray)4
M6 Self-Tapping Screws4
M4 Screws2
M25 Cable Gland1
Needle Terminals3
Resting Socket1
Expansion Screw Anchor (Green)4
Self-Tapping Screws4


Follow the instructions in the User Manual to complete the installation of the EV charging stations.

Set up internet connection

NOTE: Noodoe EV charging stations require internet connectivity to complete charger activation and to provide charging services. 

The charging station comes with a standard RJ45 connector. You can choose to connect the charger to a wired internet connection at the site or to a switch that is connected to a 4G router

If An Internet Connection Exists

Connecting your charger to the internet is easy if you already have a wired internet connection.


If An Internet Connection Is Not Available

You have to establish a connection via a 4G router. If you're installing multiple chargers at a given site you may use an internet switch to extend Internet connectivity for multiple chargers:

IMPORTANT: A high-quality commercial-grade 4G router is required for stable operation of the charging stations.

A consumer router will freeze after a few months and require a reset. Commercial-grade routers are designed for years of continuous operation under harsh conditions. Additionally, they can auto-reboot should the routers stop working. This ensures dependable, automated service. Please contact your Noodoe EV representative or distributor if you require help with obtaining a commercial-quality Noodoe-certified 4G router.

Additional Internet Considerations:

  1. Confirm that the end to end ping response is less than 100ms.
  2. Confirm that the signal strength at the installation point indicates full strength or close to it.Make sure that you monthly data quota is at least 2GB. 
  3. Place the 4G router in a location where it does not experience any interference or where signal is blocked.
  4. Avoid intermingling power lines with network lines to eliminate chance of interference.
  5. Make sure to use cables that are Cat5e or above with a maximum length of less than 100m or a switch should be deployed.
  6. Dedicated AP (access points are required). Do not exceed more than 2 APs.
  7. The following ports must be opened by firewall in order for the charging station to communicate: 22, 8998, 16000. 

Powering On

After all the electrical work has been completed and the Ethernet cable has been plugged in, you can power up the charging station by turning on the breaker.

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