Installing Noodoe EV's


Going from shipment to operational takes only three steps. Install the charger. Activate it. Subscribe to Noodoe EV OS using the site owner’s credentials (required for operation).


Run through the pre-installation checklist

Unbox the charger

Make sure you have the recommended tools

Read the User Manual and get everything mounted

Set up internet connection

Power up your charger!

Pre-Installation Checklist

The power feed must be a 3-Phase Wye configuration with TN(-S)/IT/TT grounding systems.
In the installation of TN(-S) system: the neutral (N) and the PE of the power distribution are directly connected to the earth. The PE of the charger equipment is directly connected to the PE of power distribution and separate conductor for PE and neutral (N).
In the installation of IT system: the neutral of the power distribution system is isolated from the earth. The PE of the charger equipment is isolated to the PE of power distribution to the earth.
In the installation of TT system: the neutral (N) and the PE of the power distribution are directly connected to the earth. The PE of the charger equipment is isolated to the PE of power distribution to the earth.
The power supply capacity should be more than 161 kVA in order for the charger to function correctly.
The product should be installed in an open-air area, and all product air vents must have at least 30cm of clearance.
Sufficient space is necessary for product installation and maintenance; please keep not less than 107cm clearance distance from all around the product.
Create the Concrete Base:
1. Build a 1090 mm x 750 mm x 200 mm (42.91” x 29.53” x 7.87”) concrete base to support the charger in advance.
2. Implant AC input cable conduit less than Φ102 mm(eg.3” PVC conduit), and SFTP Ethernet cable conduit less than Φ34 mm (eg. 1” PVC conduit).
3. . Implant 4 M12 screw sticks protruding 40 mm (1.57 in) out the concrete base to affix the charger to. The positioning of these 4 M12 screws should be within ± 2 mm (0.08 in) in short, and ± 8 mm (0.32 in) in long axis, according to screw holes of charger.
4. To fit this positioning requirement, a steel plate fixture is suggested.
5. The other way to affix the charger on the concrete base is to install 2 L-brackets outside of the charger and drill the screw holes (Φ16 mm (0.63”)) into the cement base.
Extend 3 phase 5 wires AC input cable from the conduit of a concrete base. Expose at least 500mm of AC cable expose. These 5 wires should be installed with ring terminals. The conductor cross-sectional area for input power wires should be not less than 95 mm².
If internet connection is via Ethernet, a 1500 mm Ethernet cable must be installed via the conduit to the charger.


Remove the Surrounding Boards

Remove the carton and packing cushion and film

Remove these 6 pieces of fixing M12 screws

Recommended Tools

Tools for Installation
Philips ScrewdriverNo. 2 and 3
Shifting Wrench
Socket ScrewdriverNo. 8 and 10 and 17 and 19
Electrical TapeBlack / 15 mm Width
AC Input Cable150 mm² (296 kcmil) at least cable x 5 (L1, L2, L3, N, PE)
Ring Terminal1. Ring terminal for L1, L2, L3, N (inner diameter: 10.5 mm (0.41 in), outer diameter: 28.5 mm (1.12 in))
2. Ring terminal for PE (inner diameter: 10.5 mm (0.41 in), outer diameter: 28.5 mm (1.12 in))
Crimping Pliers for Ring TerminalHexagonal
Wire Stripper
Wire Cutters
Crane / Forklift> 500 kgW (1102 lbs)
Tools for Inspection and Commissioning
EV or EV Simulator Meet CHAdeMO/CCS Standard
Multiple Meter1000 V
Current Probe400 Amp
RFID Authorized Card
RFID No Valid Card
Door Key
Needle-Nose Pliers
Laptop or PC & CAT6 cableFor Charger Configuration
Wi-Fi /4G signal quality checkerRecommended


Follow the instructions in the User Manual to complete the installation of the EV charging stations.

User Manual

internet connection

Noodoe EV charging stations require internet connectivity to complete charger activation and to provide charging services. 
If using wi-fi, a high-quality commercial-grade 4G router is required for stable operation of the charging stations.

A consumer router will freeze after a few months and require a reset. Commercial-grade routers are designed for years of continuous operation under harsh conditions. Additionally, they can auto-reboot should the routers stop working. This ensures dependable, automated service. Please contact your Noodoe EV representative or distributor if you require help with obtaining a commercial-quality Noodoe-certified 4G router.

Powering On

After all the electrical work has been completed and the Ethernet cable has been plugged in, you can power up the charging station by turning on the breaker.

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