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We know how to help you get ready and apply for rebates for AC and DC chargers. The program periodically announces projects throughout LA. You can keep up to date and apply for rebates with your Noodoe charging stations. We can help you save more!

LADWP’s Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program is dedicated to assisting eligible regional L.A. county commercial sites by co-funding the purchase and installation of EV chargers. In addition, we can consult and provide you with informative resources and support you in getting ready and applying for an EV commercial charging rebate.

funding rounds

LADWP’s Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program is investing total funding of $20 million for Q2 2022. 

First Round of Funding: June 20 to June 27th 2022. Don’t worry! LADWP will announce the next enrollment period in Q3 2022.

what are the requirements?

  • The program is open to all LADWP commercial customers operating a site(premises) with an active LADWP electric meter on a non-residential rate schedule.
  • All charging stations must be purchased and installed on or after January 1, 2020.
  • LADWP customers must agree to keep charging stations in service for a minimum of five years.

Noodoe EV Can Help Secure Your Savings

Noodoe EV full range of AC and DC chargers are certified to meet the standard requirements of the rebate program. 

Noodoe EV Charging Stations

Why Install EV Chargers?

  • Increase property values
  • Improve “dwell time” – customers remain on site longer
  • Treat client, customers, and staff as VIPs
  • Express and meet concrete green business goals
  • Become findable on EV charging maps
  • Keep up with or set yourself apart from competition

Let's Talk

Are you ready to apply? Noodoe EV can help you. Please let us know where you are and what you’re interested in or what questions you have. One of our Noodoe EV experts will be in touch as soon as possible.