Noodoe EV is committed to helping you grow and expand your EV charging capabilities. SCE is committed to working with businesses and workplaces to improve the Southern California EV Charging Infrastructure. We at Noodoe EV know how to help you take advantage of this summer’s SCE EV charger rebates. 

Meeting Your Needs With SCE EV Charger RebateS

Southern California Edison (SCE) Rebate Program

SCE wants to support all types of charging infrastructure, so your needs are their needs. This includes:

  • Multifamily/Multi-unit Dwellings
  • Business parks
  • Retail locations
  • Entertainment venues
  • Parks and Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Workplaces

Noodoe EV knows how to support your goals for expanding your EV charging offerings. It doesn’t matter what business segment you’re in. SCE is working to make good on Governor Newsom’s goal to convert all new vehicle sales to electric by 2035. 

This is an amazing opportunity for businesses looking to add EV charging on site. Be part of the electric revolution while making your parking lot generate added revenue for your business. Attract the ever-growing number of EV-driving customers and treat them like VIPs with Noodoe EV OS’s easy, no-account-needed system. 

Rebate Program Benefits

SCE’s EV charger rebates program includes incredible benefits, and Noodoe EV can help you take advantage of them!

  • Multiple program offerings for commercial and multi-family properties.
  • Rebates for the purchase and installation of qualified EV charging stations.
  • New multi-family construction program options and features.
W1000 EV Charger

Noodoe EV Can Help You Claim Your Savings

Funds for charger rebates are limited and in high demand. Reach out now, and we’ll help make sure you can be first in line to take advantage of this program! Our W1000 charger is a certified part of the program and ready to go!

Why Install EV Chargers?

  • Increase property values
  • Improve “dwell time” – customers remain on site longer
  • Treat client, customers, and staff as VIPs
  • Express and meet concrete green business goals
  • Become findable on EV charging maps
  • Keep up with or set yourself apart from competition


Are you ready to apply for your SCE EV charger rebates? Noodoe EV can help you. Please let us know where you are and what you’re interested in or what questions you have. One of our Noodoe EV experts will be in touch as soon as possible.