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Noodoe EV is AN approved EV software and charger provider!

Noodoe EV is already an approved EV charger and EV charger software provider. We work with the NSW government closely. We can consult and provide you with informative resources, and also support you to get ready and apply for EV destination charging grants. The NSW Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grant is investing total funding of $20 million. It is dedicated to assisting eligible regional NSW destinations by co-funding the purchase and installation of EV chargers. 

The Electric Vehicle Council has partnered with the NSW Government to create a list of approved AC EV chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the grants. They are the national body for the electric vehicle industry in Australia. And represent businesses involved in producing, powering, and supporting EVs. 

first round of funding

It will be open for 4 months from Monday 23 May 2022 to Friday 23 September 2022, with a total funding allocation of $7 million. There will be multiple funding rounds through to 2024 supporting the growth of the EV destination charger network across regional NSW.

The grants will fund the following for up to 4 EV chargers per site:

  • 75% towards the cost of an eligible 7 kW and/or 22 kW electric vehicle charger(s)
  • 75% towards the cost of installation (capped at $1,000 per charger)
  • 50% towards a 2-year EV charger software subscription from the EV charger software list.

who is eligible?

The grant offers co-funding for purchasing EV chargers, installation, and charger software. And the eligible site requirements are as follows:

  • Be a site owner located in a designated NSW local government area
  • Be a business of the following category: accommodation, attraction, caravan, camping and holiday parks, food and drink, information services
  • Site with no more than one existing EV charger installed
AC7P Charging Station

Noodoe EV Can Help Secure Your Savings

Noodoe EV equipment and Noodoe EV OS are certified to meet the standard requirements for this grant. Our AC7P Ethernet and Wi-Fi smart AC charger is fully automated with a premium design.

Why Install EV Chargers?

  • Increase property values
  • Improve “dwell time” – customers remain on site longer
  • Treat client, customers, and staff as VIPs
  • Express and meet concrete green business goals
  • Become findable on EV charging maps
  • Keep up with or set yourself apart from competition

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