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Discount code


Discount code app

It’s not news that retail businesses love to entice customers with discounts. If you own EV chargers, you can offer the same perk to your customers via Noodoe’s Discount Code application. It works the same as any discount offered on any other product or service.  The Discount Code app is ideal for retail stores, shopping malls, coffee shops, and more! Such businesses can attract EV-driving customers and build stronger loyalty by having EV charging stations and offering discounts on charging sessions. 

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Step 1: install the application

Contact the Noodoe team to access and install your the Discount Code application from the Noodoe EV OS apps library.

Step 2: Set It Up

Enter the details of the discount:
– Date and time
– Discount amount

Step 3: let your customers know

The sky really is the limit!
– In-store advertisement
– Email marketing
– Printed on their receipt 
– Anything you can think of!