Noodoe EV OS Platform Microservices library Load Management App

Load Management App


load management app

Load management app

Increasing the number of charging stations to meet the increasing demands or managing fleet charging, encounters limitations due to the power panel and the electric utility company supply capacity. Launching multiple chargers or adding more chargers at the station requires a big investment in power upgrades and changes in the infrastructure. However, smart solutions, like Load Management Application on Noodoe EV OS, optimizes energy usage through the smart allocation of power based on the state of charge of each connected vehicle. Thus, it is possible to add more charging stations without any costly major changes. 

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Step 1: install the application

Contact the Noodoe team to access and install your the Discount Code application from the Noodoe EV OS apps library.

Step 2: watch it work

Load Management dynamically shifts energy to vehicles that need it the most, while constantly monitoring and maintaining the total load under the limit of the electrical panel. For instance, the charging station has an electrical capacity of 160 A. This only allows for the installation of four 32 A charging stations. With Noodoe EV OS Load Management Application charging availability increases.