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We believe that information and education are keys to a greener future. At Noodoe University, our experts maintain and run various courses and webinars. All together to help you navigate the transition and expand your knowledge of the Electric Vehicle industry.

Join us in accelerating the world’s transition to zero-emission electric transportation!

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Noodoe EV OS Dashboard - EV charger software


At Noodoe, we care about all our clients and partners, and as a new Noodoe partner, we have designed the perfect EV charging training course for you.

Sign up for the Noodoe University onboarding training program. Our Noodoe EV experts will walk you through the practical steps of Noodoe EV charger station installation and Noodoe EV OS activation.

The future of EV charginG

Join our webinar to learn more about the present and future of EV charging technology. Noodoe experts and engineers will guide you through the green revolution!

But as Noodoe operates worldwide, we run a range of sessions of our webinars, each optimized for a different range of time zones.

Noodoe Network City for the future transportation

Upcoming Webinars

Installers masterclass

Are you an electrician or contractor and want to expand your business? Noodoe is your best partner!

Enroll in our Noodoe University Trusted EV Installers Program and become a professionally certified EV charger installer. Moreover, you will become part of our Noodoe’s trusted installers network.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to install Noodoe EV charging stations and activate Noodoe EV OS software. 

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