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Partner Portal

Welcome to the Partner Portal

The Noodoe EV Partner Portal streamlines partner registration. Here we can focus on project initiation, identification of key communication counterparts, billing, and issuance of project activation codes. Installation and distributor partners should proceed to the Partner Information Form. You will be able to register as new partners, issue new installation requests, and edit your information in our system. 

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ section below.

Partner Information Form

Who should fill out this form?

  • New/existing Noodoe EV distributor partners
  • New/existing Noodoe EV installation partners

When should you fill out this form?

Our installation and distributor partners should fill out this form when initiating their first project and when initiating subsequent projects

After this form is completed, a link will be sent to the site owners. They will then need to complete the Subscription Form so we can set up billing and issue a project activation code(s) for the requested project.


Partner Information Form FAQ

This form should be filled out by Noodoe EV installer partners and/or distributor partners.

This form lets installers register as new installation partners, register sites for installation, and provide all the necessary information for site installation to proceed. 

Before proceeding to complete the form please prepare the following information:

Basic company information and ways to contact you.
Installer credential information, including a digital copy of the installer license.
Information relevant to the installation site, including business name, address, and types and number of chargers requested.
Information about the site owner, the entity purchasing the chargers and who will be responsible for hosting the charging stations.

Let's Talk

Have more questions? Not sure where to go from here? Reach out and let us know by filling in some basic information.