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Level 2 AC Chargers

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Noodoe AC Series

Designed to keep pace with the growing EV landscape, Noodoe’s charging solutions cater to both today’s and tomorrow’s electric mobility needs. Noodoe presents a comprehensive range of commercial Level 2 AC chargers tailored to meet the needs of workplaces, event centers, apartments, and more. Our advanced type 2 EV chargers are reliable and highly efficient, ensuring that EV drivers experience seamless and convenient charging experiences.

Custom Solutions

Establish your market position with an all-encompassing EV charging ecosystem that integrates your own unique branding. Strengthen your brand presence with ease and delight your customers with a seamless charging experience. Noodoe streamlines the process for a broad range of public and private enterprises to manage their EV charging services and take full control.

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Qualified for Incentives and Rebates

Noodoe is a qualified vendor for many programs offering EV charger installation incentives. Benefit from our expertise as a partner.