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EV Charger Installation Incentives in Australia

Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) market is flourishing, there are many opportunities for your business to take advantage. The best part? Your state government will help pay for it!

These funding programs are designed to promote the installation of EV charging infrastructure, enabling your property to support the growing number of EV drivers. 

Don’t miss out on the savings—explore the right government incentive program for you!

The Drive Electric NSW EV Destination Charging Grant is dedicating $20 million to support qualifying regional destinations across New South Wales. This funding serves to co-finance the procurement and deployment of EV chargers.

90% of EV drivers charge at home, the race to make EV-ready properties is on. This program will co-fund up to $80,000 to retrofit existing apartment buildings with EV infrastructure upgrades. Investing now provides residents with the infrastructure they need and increases property interest.

The Western Australian Government is actively promoting the proliferation of electric vehicle chargers by providing substantial co-funding, covering approximately 50% of the total expenses through a generous $15 million in grant funding.

The Northern Territory Government wants to offer funding to buy and install EV chargers at residential and business properties. Applications are open for business or home owners and service providers to work toward government EV charging infrastructure goals.

Qualified Vendor

Noodoe has been certified as a qualified vendor for most EV charger installation incentive programs. 

Our comprehensive hardware and software solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the Australian market. Whether you’re considering the installation of 7kW EV chargers, or 22kW EV chargers, Noodoe’s hardware can seamlessly integrate with our innovative and OCPP-compliant Noodoe EV OS software.