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EV Charging Solutions

For businesses of every size, Noodoe is here to help achieve your charging vision. We have tech solutions that suit the needs for every industry. 

Our Solutions

Fleet Operators

Energy Utilities





Public Administration

Choosing The Right Operating System

Noodoe EV OS is one of today’s most advanced cloud-based EV charging operating systems. It can run a single charging station or an entire network. Enjoy handsfree station operation with automatic service delivery, payment processing, and operation management, all while delivering one of the highest service uptimes in the industry.

Powerful Add-on Microservices

Load Management

Smart energy allocation controls power across charging stations.

Vehicle-based Management

Seamlessly manage vehicles in the fleet with an intuitive access window.

And More...

Our ever-expanding library of add-on microservices provides versatility to meet a wide range of charging scenarios.

The Smoothest Possible Charging Experience For Drivers

No Apps. No Memberships. No Worries.


Scan the QR code on the charging station.


Choose your preferred payment method.


Start charging.
And that’s it.

Versatile Charging Solutions

Whether you need Level 2 AC chargers for workplaces, fast DC chargers for busy public locations, or specialized chargers for residential communities, Noodoe has you covered. Our chargers are built to the highest standards, ensuring fast and convenient charging for all types of electric vehicles. Our industry-specific charging solutions are designed to deliver reliable and efficient charging experiences tailored to your requirements.

Noodoe Partners

We empower these businesses to bring the smoothest, most automated EV charging experiences.

Discover how Noodoe can help electrify your business.