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Charging Station Management Refined

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced cloud-based EV charging operating systems today.

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100% Autonomous Operating System

Noodoe EV OS can run a single charging station or an entire network. Enjoy handsfree station operation with automatic service delivery, payment processing, and operation management, all while delivering one of the highest service uptimes in the industry.

Remote Operation Management

Noodoe EV OS is scalable: bring a single station or entire charging network to a single platform.

Easy Access to Information

Enhance the EV Charging Experience for drivers by controlling the location and pictures of each charging site.

Price Versatility

Optimize business opportunities with automatic peak-hour pricing, fully controlled by station owners.

Automatic Infrastructure Diagnostics

A smart alert and self-recovery system nearly eliminates the need for human maintenance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Charging session details and metrics provide business analysis and cost optimisation.

Intuitive Dashboard

Seamless navigation and data visualisation provide an instant snapshot of any site or the entire network.

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Powerful Add-On Microservices

Embrace the boundless potential of Noodoe EV OS through our continually growing collection of add-on microservices. Whether you’re in the pursuit of setting up EV charging stations, optimizing your EV charging network, or seeking to amplify your offerings for commercial, residential, or fleet charging, our microservices provide tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements.

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Noodoe EV OS Load Management Add-on Microservice

Noodoe offers a full array of add-on Microservices to meet any business need.

Retail environments can offer Promo Codes to tie charging stations in with local sales.

Hotels can create integrated Membership systems to customise who can charge.

Building managers can choose Prepaid or Postpaid Billing systems.

Any site can add more EV chargers and stay within safe zone of electric capacity.

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OCPP Compliant

Noodoe EV OS platform supports OCPP EV charging protocols, and it can be easily integrated with other EV Chargers from top manufacturing brands or deployed to an already existing network of chargers. Our solutions encompass setting up EV charging stations, upgrading them, and making them part of a smart and dynamic EV charging network.

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