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Four electric vehicles are connected to a central management hub. One pick up truck, one sedan, one van, and one heavy duty truck.

Noodoe University: Fleet Management

Last Updated: July 7th, 2023 | Fleet 

Management of fleet vehicles is a big responsibility; it requires reliable scheduling, employee communications, and accurate knowledge of each truck’s location. However, comfort in tried and tested routines can keep businesses from transforming their entire fleet into electric vehicles. Introducing EVs to the fleet can be exciting yet daunting from a manager’s perspective; it makes you think… 

How does charging fleets work?

As you are probably familiar with by now, charging for fleets works just the same as charging commercial electric vehicles. A fleet ute has a particular route and timing each day, with identifiable idle parked hours. These parking periods are their charging windows. A level 2 charger can plug and recharge for hours at a time, such as overnight sessions, for the EV to be ready for the next drive. Level 3 chargers, also known as fast chargers, can be installed for quick and powerful top-ups. Since fleets are made up of more than a single vehicle, it’s a good idea to install several chargers for alternating vehicle use. Noodoe DC Exceed chargers are capable of true simultaneous charging, meaning they can charge two vehicles at the same time without sacrificing the electrical load.

How does charging fleets work?

Instead of regulating a vehicle’s fuel tank, an EV battery can be monitored via the same management platform as the charging station. Noodoe EV OS offers a comprehensive charging network platform with many benefits for fleet charging, such as site overview information and innovative scheduling systems. For example, fleet managers can set priorities via the Fleet Dashboard to make sure a vehicle charges to a battery target (or 100%) by their scheduled departure time. Smart Noodoe stations will divert more voltage to higher-priority vehicles while still supplying additional connected vehicles with charge.

How are of the individual vehicle statuses tracked?

Link vehicle telematics devices to all vehicles to view all the associated information! Noodoe EV OS has a dashboard specifically for this overview. Find a vehicle’s state of charge, current driving status, or total session duration time. It’s easy to associate all telematic devices to their vehicles, and the site managers can create nicknames for each vehicle for easier recognition than license plate memorisation. Event alerts are also the best way to stay updated on individual vehicles. 

How will it affect drivers?

The driving experience stays mostly the same. We won’t deny the initial growing pains of learning to use a new kind of technology, but Noodoe strives to provide an intuitive and easy-to-manage charging experience. Aside from previously mentioned benefits like priority scheduling and nicknaming vehicles, there are other ways we help ease the electrification transition.
  • An initial training session demonstrates proper charging station use and etiquette, which is perfect for first-time EV drivers.
  • RFID membership cards allow every driver access to charging stations and can also record their session data. This keeps track of station use, energy distribution, and scheduling – all digital and available via Noodoe EV OS.
  • With enough charging session data and frequent use, EV fleet vehicle drivers will have experience in vehicle range and overall capabilities. As EV adoption is the future of transportation, these skills are better learned early.

How do I make the most from my site?

Noodoe can help you make the most out of your physical site space and smart solutions for the network’s ongoing use. Before installation, contact Noodoe for advice and support regarding hardware requirements and site capabilities. Our experts can walk you through the decision-making process and design a site. For example, with load management, you can install 4X more charging ports without overloading the grid. Or, quick turnover times between charging vehicles would benefit from a DC charger installation. 

What Now?

Reach out to Noodoe today and get charging faster, smarter, and more efficiently!

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