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"Powered by Noodoe" partnership program: the Australia team

Noodoe Charges Up Australia, Unveiling the "Powered by Noodoe" EV Charging Partnership Program

Sydney, Australia | MARCH 10, 2023


oodoe, leading provider of advanced EV charging solutions, announced today the launch of the “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership program in Australia. The announcement was made by Sam Moran, Noodoe Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. The “Powered by Noodoe” program provides current and aspiring EV charging service providers (CSPs) with the essential software (Noodoe EV OS) and hardware (Noodoe EV charging stations) for delivering a best-in-class EV charging experience to drivers.

From Singapore to San Francisco, Tel-Aviv to Toronto, Noodoe empowers forward-thinking businesses to become part of the next generation of charging service providers. Enterprises bring their unique business needs, and Noodoe turns their EV charging network wishes into reality. “Noodoe knows that the best work comes from the magic that happens when two businesses come together to create something transformational,” says Moran. “That conviction to make partners successful sits at the heart of Noodoe’s can-do attitude, flexibility, and speed.”

Underpinning the “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership is Noodoe EV OS, the most flexible EV charging station operating platform. With Noodoe EV OS, charging service providers can make any charging station, charging site, or the entire charging network “Powered by Noodoe.” The operating system delivers a user-centric charging experience that is delightful for both drivers and charging service providers. Without any human intervention, Noodoe EV OS autonomously runs all operations of the EV charging network, including 24/7 charging service delivery, payment processing, and charger management. Real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery deliver one of the highest up times in the industry. Add-on microservices provide scenario-specific service models, such as hotels, shopping malls, workplaces, fleets, apartments, and smart cities. Furthermore, for enterprises, Noodoe provides system integration and custom software development to help deploy highly integrated solutions with speed.

Leading Australian EV charging companies such as AXCharge, Evansa, Easy EV, and RegenEV are already leveraging the benefits of the “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership program. Their energy and Noodoe’s innovative solutions are bringing life to Australia’s dreams of electrification. “Charging service providers are springing to action across Australia,” explains Moran. “With Noodoe EV OS, we want to empower their growth with the most autonomous and flexible EV charging station operating platform.”


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