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The Best Place to Charge is at Home

Upgrade your apartment with ease. Noodoe’s EV charging management system and infrastructure bring you effortless EV charging solutions that provide the best experience for residents and managers.

Attract Residents with EV-Friendly Amenities

Most Australian EV drivers charge at home, and building managers want an easy solution to provide EV charging. Noodoe charging solutions are easy to install, straightforward to manage, and seamless for drivers to use. Appeal to and engage valuable, EV-driving residents while producing a great source of increased revenue for homes and apartments.

Support the growing number of EV drivers
Easily control your energy usage
Enjoy chargers that manage themselves
Monetise your investment
Effortlessly manage tenant access

Easy Hands-off Management

Noodoe EV OS provides convenience and efficiency for building managers. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, letting managers keep an eye on charging stations that practically run themselves. Our intuitive dashboard ensures you know everything you need to know, providing effortless management of your charging stations at all times.

EV Charging: Convenience for Everyone

Noodoe EV OS provides a wealth of options while keeping the management experience simple. From managing energy use to tracking sessions and costs, Noodoe makes offering EV charging a breeze. Let your residents pre-pay, post-pay, or pay-as-they-go, whatever works best for you and your community.

Noodoe EV OS Subscription System

Flexibility Without the Complications

Smart Energy Use

Balance energy loads, manage peak use times, and integrate renewable energy sources, all while ensuring efficient charging for your EV fleet or residents. This microservice empowers you to make environmentally conscious choices while charging reliability.

Prepaid Card

Offer prepaid charging to users, it's especially useful for residents. Users load credit onto a branded card, making EV charging as easy as paywave. Hassle-free access and flexible payment options are just the beginning.

Voucher Code

Generate and distribute voucher codes, allowing tenants, visitors, or customers to access your charging stations seamlessly. This feature adds an extra layer of flexibility to your EV charging offerings.

User Management

Effortlessly manage and control user access to your EV charging stations. You have the power to grant permissions, monitor usage, and provide a secure and efficient charging experience for all users.

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Public or Private:
It's Your Choice


EV charging is just for your tenants. Vehicles can be tagged and tracked for personal invoices. The chargers are always available and can offer special rates.


Any EV driver can enjoy charging sessions at your site. Offer different rates for member and non-member charging. Schedule availability via the Noodoe EV OS dashboard.

Level 2 AC Charging Stations for Residential Use

Ready to charge up?