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Automotive and Dealership Solutions

Join the electric mobility revolution and position your dealership as the leader in sustainable transportation.

Proud to Partner with International Brands

Charging Ahead with Innovative EV Solutions

As nations and corporations globally set definitive timelines for phasing out traditional petrol-powered vehicles, the urgency for viable alternatives grows.

Pioneers in the automotive industry have already established their electric vehicle charging infrastructure, systems, and services within their premises. Noodoe’s proven track record of collaboration with automotive businesses and dealerships worldwide is a testament to our expertise. 

Now is the best time for your dealership to get on board and provide complete EV charging solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Every Dealership

From metropolitan dealerships to regional showrooms, our EV charging solutions are customisable to fit your unique needs. Noodoe is a leading provider of level 2 AC and level 3 fast DC charging stations that can help you establish a foundation as an EV leader in your industry. Our huge range of EV chargers ensures integration into your dealership’s infrastructure, enhancing customer experiences while promoting sustainable driving.

Noodoe EV OS: Powering Dealerships

Noodoe EV OS revolutionises efficiency while offering a hassle-free maintenance operation. Our pioneering solution seamlessly integrates with your core business systems, guaranteeing seamless operation and offering in-depth performance insight.

On top of that, our platform fully supports OCPP protocols, underscoring its adaptability and connectivity. Combined with our innovative add-on services, your site can be elevated to its maximum potential, delivering a dynamic charging experience.

Key Features

Dealership Charging Network

Noodoe EV OS connects dealerships within the group to form a single charging network. Thus, the entire group unites as a single network rather than a set of individual chargers.

Intelligent Charging Management

The system's real-time analytics provide valuable insights, empowering your dealership to make informed decisions and provide better services. This feature ensures operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Membership Management

Dealerships can implement tiered membership models, offering diverse benefits and loyalty programs. The result is enhanced customer engagement and a strengthened sense of community.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether adding more charging stations, or integrating various payment systems, the platform seamlessly adapts. Dealerships can confidently expand their charging network, adjust offerings, and even explore new revenue streams without infrastructure limitations.

Ready to charge up?