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Fleet Management Solution

Elevate your fleet management game with Noodoe. Embrace innovation, sustainability, and efficiency as you embark on a greener, electrifying future for your fleet.

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Perfect Integration

Transform your fleet to reduce your carbon footprint, improve productivity, and lower costs. With Noodoe, you can ensure that your fleet is charged and ready to go whenever needed.

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Public Fleet

Delivery Fleet

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Always Ready to Roll, Low Operational Costs

Introducing Noodoe EV OS, a game-changing cloud-based EV charger management software that’s reshaping the fleet management landscape in Australia. Whether it’s optimizing charging, managing user access, or tracking energy consumption, Noodoe EV OS empowers you with the tools needed to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Best Add-On Microservices

Navigate the diverse intricacies of fleet management effortlessly with Noodoe EV OS’s suite of add-on microservices. From Load Management for optimal power distribution to Vehicle-Based Management for tailored charging settings, our microservices enhance control, boost efficiency, and cater to the unique needs of your fleet.

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Noodoe EV OS Fleet Management Add-on Microservice

Key Features

Smart Scheduling

Optimise energy usage and off-peak hours energy management, providing control over energy costs.

Vehicle-based Management

Seamlessly manage vehicles in the fleet with an intuitive access window.

Flexible Access Control

Multiple access configurations for both fleet managers and drivers helps keep everyone updated.

Load Management

Smart energy allocation controls power across charging stations.

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Versatile Solutions for Every Fleet

Experience the power of choice with Noodoe’s range of AC and DC chargers, each designed to cater to various fleet scenarios. Our AC chargers are perfect for workplaces and residential areas, ensuring seamless charging for your vehicles. On the other hand, our DC fast chargers are tailored for rapid charging at commercial hubs and along routes, offering unmatched convenience for your fleet’s charging needs.

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Ready to charge up?