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Customer Service and EV Charging Solutions

Elevate your hotel, motel, or long-term accommodation with revolutionary electric vehicle charging stations powered by the best management platform – Noodoe EV OS. 

Proud Partner of International Brands

Power Up Your Hotel

Boost your appeal by offering convenient charging amenities that modern travellers need. By installing Noodoe EV charging stations, you can transform your existing car parks into revenue generating hubs.  

Noodoe has collaborated with major hotels around the world. Our charging solutions seamlessly integrate with your establishment’s ambiance and operations, creating a hassle-free experience for your guests.

Attract More Customers

Increase your customer services by becoming the first choice for EV drivers.

Boost Business Revenue

Transform your car park into an autonomous revenue-generating site.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Show environmental responsibility to promote brand awareness and equity.

Become a Green Leader

Reduce your carbon footprint and help reach company sustainability objectives.

Easy Hands-off Management

Noodoe EV OS is one of today’s most advanced EV charging station management systems. This powerful, cloud-based software is intuitive and user-friendly. Our platform has one of the best service uptimes in the industry. No more inoperable chargers to worry about. Enjoy hardware that just works!

Noodoe EV OS Access Code Add-on Microservice

Powerful Add-ons

Noodoe EV OS is more than just a platform—it’s a tailored experience. Our flexible software add-ons are fully adaptable to your hotel’s unique scenario. Whether you need smart energy management, flexible billing solutions, innovative load management, or branded charging experiences, Noodoe EV OS has you covered.


Access Codes

Provide an exclusive charging code to a guest, customer, or VIP for free, effortless charging.

Load Balancing

Install more stations to charge more electric vehicles simultaneously.

Smart Scheduling

Take control over costs, optimise energy usage and enjoy off-peak hours energy management.

Best EV Charging Experience

Deliver easy charging with a simple payment solution that doesn’t require apps or memberships.

Powerful Hardware

Join us on a journey toward an enhanced guest experience with our top-notch electric vehicle charging stations. We’ve tailored these stations to align with the standards of quality and safety that the hospitality industry demands.

Explore our refined charging solutions, meticulously crafted to transform the hotel industry and elevate the overall guest experience. Simultaneously, we’re taking a stride forward in our collective sustainability efforts.

Ready to level up your business?