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Installation of EV Charging Solutions Accelerates Down Under



oodoe EV, a global leader in EV charging technology, has extended its EV footprint to Australia, installing its first chargers at the Golden Sands On The Beach in Gold Coast Australia. The announcement was made by Noodoe EV CEO Jennifer Chang and Commercial EV Chargers (CEVC) Director Sam Moran.

“Electric vehicle adoption continues to accelerate in Australia and New Zealand,” says Chang. “Noodoe EV will play a large part in assisting in a smooth transition to electric vehicles, supporting both businesses and customers by simplifying and enhancing the EV charging experience.”

For his part, Moran is extremely impressed with Noodoe’s EV charging solutions. “Having spent over ten years in the IT sector, I’m able to recognise and appreciate a great user experience, both from end-user, and administrative perspectives. Noodoe and their team has a clear focus on providing an optimal user experience with Noodoe EV OS. Out of many EV charging solutions, Noodoe seems uniquely positioned to assist with reducing the complexity of electric vehicle charging, enabling businesses to leave the EV charging management to Noodoe, freeing them up to do what they do best. I look forward to charging ahead on this journey with the entire team at Noodoe.”

Noodoe EV OS at its core creates extreme automation. “The company’s EV charging network management solution achieves the lowest possible operating costs for operators,” adds Moran. “The team at Noodoe are always innovating and work hard to add features and improve their systems to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry. This gives me the confidence to stand with Noodoe and assist customers with implementing Noodoe solutions.”


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