Become an EV Charging Station Installer

Become an EV Charging Station Installer

Why EVs? Why now?

According to Mckinsey, first-generation EV buyers have relied heavily on home charging. McKinsey’s models, however, show the next wave of EV owners increasingly relying on public chargers. But the infrastructure to support them is still in its infancy. In fact, the Mckinsey report concludes that by 2030, installers in Europe will need weekly installation of up to 15,000 charging stations to meet demand. As we’ve seen so far, the US is walking close behind the EU when it comes to transportation electrification. The time is ripe to become an EV charging station installer by adding it to your business.

Who can install EV chargers?

Installing EV chargers isn’t difficult if you have experience with electrical installations. That means that any business offering electrical installation or contracting is ready to include EV charging. At Noodoe, we develop partnerships with forward-thinking companies looking to become EV charger installers. These relationships range from electrical contractors to solar panel installers to lighting solution providers and more. We also have relationships with architecture firms and construction companies. These businesses often need to offer green solutions to customers looking for a better future. This has become increasingly important as local and federal governments have pushed green infrastructure in new projects

What do you need to get started?

All it takes is a little electrical know-how to become an EV charging station installer. Here, then, is a quick rundown on the specifics of installing level 1, level 2, and level 3 chargers. Oh, and the right partner!

Home chargers are the simplest to install. These quick little wall boxes need little more than some simple wiring to get them up and running. They’re typically installed one at a time in private homes. As such, they’re very common chargers for many installers to start off with. While the jump from installing home chargers to smart stations is small, the payoff is big for the business looking to expand operations.

The difference between installing a home charger and a public AC charger is not much. In fact, it’s little more than hooking up an internet connection. Our trained installation support team can help any installer learn how to wire up the station and create stable internet connections. The real benefit of upgrading to include level 2 stations is that they’re often installed in batches. Thus, savvy installers get more bang for their buck when it comes to the financial side of charger installation. 

Surprisingly, installing DC fast chargers is not all that different from installing AC chargers. Because of the difference in charging style, these powerful stations arrive integrated and ready to go. They need only to be hooked up to the power grid at the site and connected to the internet. In spite of all the fuss, they’re really not complicated at all!

Why choose Noodoe as a partner?

It’s important for a good EV charging solution partner to be more than just a product resource. Here are a few things for an EV charging station installer to consider when making that all-important choice.

It’s crucial for a potential partner to offer a full range of charging stations. That way, you can meet the needs of future clients. Home chargers? AC chargers? DC chargers? Noodoe EV has them all, and we’re proud of our focus on robust hardware and innovative software. Our Exceed DC chargers, for example, offer 950v charging and true simultaneous usage.

Particularly for site hosts, charger operating systems are at least as important as the hardware itself. Noodoe EV OS is a technological powerhouse, a cloud-based operating system focused on providing exactly what operators need for best business practices and streamlined operation. Our advanced features also provide an array of software-based solutions for any business. From multifamily residences to hotels to vehicle service stations, Noodoe EV OS has your bases covered!

You don’t have to do this alone. Noodoe EV technical support can help you take your business and get it ready for the green revolution. We assist our partners and customers with training and onboarding for hardware installation and software activation and usage. You should never feel that you don’t have someone to talk to about questions or worries when it comes to your Noodoe EV charging stations.

Now what?

Reach out! If you want to learn more about Noodoe EV products and services and how you can expand your business offerings, we’d love to hear from you. We run informal educational sessions most weeks, and there’s always a seat free for one more! You’ll get a look at the EV landscape, who Noodoe is, and how we can help. At the end, we like to leave space for roundtable questions and discussion. All you have to do is get in contact, and we’ll be happy to help you sign up.