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Eligible for $20M in Grants For Electrifying The Australian State

HOUSTON, TX | JUNE 3, 2022


oodoe EV, a global leader in EV charging technology, is now on the approved vendor list for government funding of EV charging stations in New South Wales. The announcement was made by company CEO Jennifer Chang. Both Noodoe hardware and software are now eligible for $20M in grants made available in the interest of electrifying the State, located on the east coast of Australia.

“Noodoe is excited to play a part in boosting regional tourism in New South Wales by providing convenient access to EV charging stations throughout the area,” says Chang. “EV charging facilities are just one more way to enhance a visitor’s experience at motels, wineries, natural attractions, parks and restaurants. Noodoe EV equipment and Noodoe EV OS are certified to meet the standard requirements for this grant.”

The first round of funding totalling $7 million is available now until Friday, September 23rd. Multiple funding rounds will follow well into 2024 to support the continued development of EV destination charging networks across the state. Eligible businesses include varied businesses with no more than one existing installed EV charger.


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