The Smartest EV ChargER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM You'll Ever Meet

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced cloud-based operating systems today. It is the electric vehicle charging network’s “central brain.” It can run charging points at multiple locations and automate the entire operation of an EV charging network. Moreover, based on each business type and need, Noodoe EV OS Application Library can offer custom functions for additional value creation for every business. 

The Noodoe EV OS Advantage

What makes Noodoe EV OS different is the core technology that focuses on optimization and efficiency. Operators can achieve the lowest operating costs with the least effort. Our EV charger management system takes care of everything, delivering robust reports and usable metrics. Revenue generation is smooth and continuous for network operators big and small.

Noodoe EV OS at a Glance


Powered by Noodoe EV OS, Noodoe EV charging stations offer a simple charging experience for customers and a range of advanced features for site owners.​

Peak-Hour Price Adjustment

Noodoe EV OS provides central management functions that enable administrative staff to configure pricing and modify peak hours. Noodoe EV OS empowers administrators to manage their entire charging infrastructure.​

Automatic Transaction Billing

Powered by Noodoe EV OS, Noodoe EV charging stations support universal at-the-pump payment, enabling customers to use their preferred transaction method, including credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.​

Intelligent Energy Management

Noodoe EV OS energy management features allow network operators to optimize the number of stations when there is limited power supplies. Noodoe EV OS is also ADR 2.0b certified, enabling two-way information exchange with utility companies.​

Seamless Funds Transfers

Noodoe EV OS manages a smooth and timely transfer of funds into your company’s bank account. ​


Noodoe EV OS features an automated diagnostic, alert, and self-recovery system. The system minimizes the need for human maintenance labor and ensures the optimal operating condition of every EV charging station.​

Noodoe EV OS Charging Station Compatibility

Noodoe EV offers a selection of level 2 and level 3 quality certified EV charging stations that are pre-configured to work with Noodoe EV OS. It can also be configured to work with a full host of chargers from top manufacturing brands, or deployed to an already existing network of chargers.

Let's Talk

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