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Trusted Partner

Efficient Together

Integrated Equipment

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Ready to launch your own EV charging network? Need smart management features to quickly expand your networks while keeping costs low? Want to improve service quality on a lower budget?

Noodoe EV is here to help. We provide the network operating system and accompanying EV chargers needed to establish and run your own networks. Our robust network management capabilities let you focus on growing your customer base without worrying about the supporting infrastructure. 

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EV chargers are in demand everywhere from shopping centers to hospitals, from residential properties to business parks. Having a trusted EV charging network operator to work with makes businesses feel confident. Thankfully, Noodoe EV chargers come with a best-in-class operating system that will help keep you ahead of the competition. Noodoe EV can make that happen. Our operating system – Noodoe EV OS – streamlines EV charger operation, letting you get back to business. Its advanced management and customer service features will help take your network to the next level.


Audi Taiwan is driving the green revolution by partnering with Noodoe as its one-stop shop for EV chargers and operations.


As EV charging demand increases, Green Dot is choosing to expand its network in Canada by working with Noodoe to fulfill all its needs.


EVCS is building an unrivaled charging network so drivers can charge up and get back on the road with ease!


While most of the industry provides either equipment or software, Noodoe stands out by providing Noodoe EV OS cloud service with matching equipment. They are seamlessly integrated, optimized for fast deployment, and available in a one-stop shop from Noodoe. Partnering with Noodoe means a new EV charging network operator can become fully operational as soon as possible.

Hands-off Management with Ease

Get to Know True Autonomy

All Noodoe EV chargers run on Noodoe EV OS. It’s easy to use and built for automation. This powerful, cloud-based system is simple enough for anyone to operate. Diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. It optimizes every EV charger on your site.

Take Control of Your Assets

Noodoe EV OS gives you control over your chargers. Pre-set programming automatically changes prices to match peak hours. Drivers enjoy flexible payment options, while you appreciate funds transferred right to your bank account. See all chargers from the central dashboard, whether they’re on-site or across numerous properties. Noodoe EV OS makes it easy.




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