Noodoe for Drivers

Noodoe for Drivers

Noodoe EV is the simplest way to charge up your EV. You don’t need an account, an RFID card, or even an app to get your vehicle fully charged. All you have to do is scan, pay, and charge. With Noodoe, you can even use your choice of payment, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards.

The Noodoe App

Noodoe EV drivers
The Noodoe App makes your EV charging experience even better:
  • Remembers your payment preferences.
  • Keeps a record of your charging history.
  • Helps you find nearby Noodoe EV charging stations.
  • Sends you a notification when charging has completed. 

Noodoe EV CarPlay

Finding a nearby AC or DC charger is as easy as changing your car’s music or starting the air conditioner. Access all necessary information from your vehicle’s infotainment or dashboard display.

Connect your mobile phone to the vehicle via USB or wireless. The Noodoe app will then project the screen to your onboard infotainment system. Find charging sites nearby, check site details, and navigate to your chosen charger all without touching the app.
  • Find nearby chargers
  • Filter your options by your desired charger type (AC or DC)
  • Navigate to a chosen station